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Private jet ferries mayor's aide to Phoenix homeless shelter

$2000 fly-and-limo package furnished by steakhouse magnate with a cause

When ex-PR man Kevin Faulconer and his staffers undertake something, even looking for a solution to the city's festering homeless issue, they do it in style, courtesy of his ever-generous campaign boosters who stand at ...

Butt out, Clairemont, says Linda Vista

Affordable housing and cyclist groups don’t like neighborhood planning groups

Linda Vista should have a neighborhood voice in planning how the neighborhood is developed and maintained, the neighborhood's planning group voted unanimously Monday night. "I have a lot of respect for the Clairemont planning group ...

Lightsaber fighters spar at Balboa Park’s fountain — and cast wary eye on Disney

“I’ll strike a deal with them.”

“I feel that if I ask Lucasfilm or Walt Disney [Company] for permission (to use the lightsaber word in the company name),” said Nick Murico, “that might be my Achilles heel.” When the sun set ...

Embarcadero reimagined

Port presents concepts for bayfront improvements

The Port of San Diego on Wednesday evening (March 29) unveiled two new plans for the continuing redevelopment of the Embarcadero section of downtown waterfront running north from the USS Midway to Laurel Street along ...

All Comals are not the same

Each restaurant has its own kitchen, its own staff, its own soul

I haven’t eaten often in Chula Vista, so when I found myself with 40 minutes left on a Third Avenue parking meter, I looked around to see what looked good. And El Comal looked good. ...

Stop the screeching brakes on Carmel View

Carmel Valley townhome complexes funnel into eastbound conduit

Every day that she works at home, Niveen Farmer hears the screeching brakes of cars nearly crashing at the entrance to her Carmel Valley condo complex. Her home in the Sunstream complex — 259 townhomes ...

See the elephant and all its meanings before Abundance closes

From wide-eyed dreams to unthinkable terrors

Last call Backyard Renaissance’s fine production of Beth Henley’s Abundance must close this Sunday. The play begins in the late 1860s. Bess and Macon, mail order brides, come to the wild Wyoming Territory to wed ...

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