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Calico Bass firing up in the kelp, tuna action slow

San Diego fishing report for mid-June

Lots of long boat rides with little results for those boats hunting tuna in local waters out to 40 miles or so. A few biters were coaxed out of the metered and sighted schools along ...

40 ounces of Alesmith

Fluid commemoration of Sublime's 25th year since breakout album

For a brief time this summer, one of San Diego beer's most recognized brands will be selling brew in a 40-ounce bottle. AleSmith Brewing has teamed up with Long Beach reggae-punk band Sublime to release ...

Skydive dive

Indoor skydiving place has cafe for decompressing

It’s not what you expect to find next door to Father Joe’s, but right on the corner of 14th and Imperial you can now join the craze for indoor skydiving and then nosh on a ...

Essays on fatherhood

I was looking forward to trying to raise a saint

I Have Purchased a Grey Cardigan Sweater My wife and I fell in love over wine, bourbon, and cognac. We attended a college with a dry campus, and many evenings were spent sitting in my ...

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