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Beer wars come to San Diego

Brewers Guild window decals to distinguish indie beer from big beer

San Diego's independent beer wars started in earnest Memorial Day weekend, as local breweries and their supporters lit up social media and literally took to the skies to voice displeasure about the opening of a ...

Hotel taxes for homeless, not a new convention center

A new survey suggests there's strong support among San Diegans for an as-yet hypothetical measure to address the city's homelessness issue by increasing hotel taxes. The study, conducted between May 31 and June 4 by ...

Tijuana priest hospitalized after attack by thief

Escaped knifing, stuck with a screwdriver instead

A Catholic priest was reported to be in stable condition at a Tijuana hospital on Friday, June 9, following surgery after he was stabbed with a screwdriver by a thief trying to rob his church. ...

Board finds deputies used proper force in death of mentally unstable 32-year-old

Lucky Phounsey called 911 because he was delusional and feared for his family's safety

San Diego County's Citizens Law Enforcement Review Board has found that the actions taken by 11 sheriff's deputies, which resulted in the death of 32-year-old Lucky Phounsey, were justified. According to a newly posted agenda, ...

An excuse to talk about Wonder Woman

The mainstream picks up the redemptive feminine conversation

Perhaps I’m overstating my case but I feel as though the recent success of the Wonder Woman movie has been prophesied here in this humble column. For not a few years I’ve been adding my ...

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