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Immigration lawyers grilled in Sherman Heights

Juan Vargas confronts shouting by Make America Great Again attendees

Immigration lawyers in the San Diego community say that undocumented immigrants have more rights than they know and have more ways to be allowed to remain in the U.S. than they believe. But there’s one ...

Grad student takes Cal State San Marcos to court over sex case

Court won't grant temporary restraining order

A San Diego male, Student Doe, who was completing his master's degree at California State University San Marcos, has sued the university in federal court, claiming that the school falsely accused him of sexual misconduct, ...

Chicken of the Sea change

Greenpeace satisfied with Thai Union's promises

After nearly two years spent petitioning for changes to tuna industry practices, activists at Greenpeace on Monday (July 10) announced a sweeping agreement with Thai Union, the global seafood giant that owns San Diego's Chicken ...

North County Creeper wants to go directly to trial

The defendant couldn't wait to get out of the courtroom.

A man accused of being the North County Creeper admitted there is enough evidence to send him to trial, and thereby skipped public disclosure of details of his alleged child molestation crimes that would have ...