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Trump goes to trade war with Mexico

President wants 20% tax on imports — stock market unruffled

President Donald Trump wants a 20 percent tax on imports from Mexico, according to his press secretary, Sean Spicer, speaking today (January 26). The charge could bring in $10 billion a year and pay for ...

Drought is over (says local water authority)

Scientists cast doubt on that assertion

The San Diego County Water Authority's board of directors today (January 26) declared that the drought is over. The board urged governor Jerry Brown and the State Water Resources Control Board to rescind statewide emergency ...

Bad Jews at Cygnet Theatre

They try to shred each other

The title screams for attention. And through most of Joshua Harmon’s 90-minute comedy/drama, two cousins scream at each other. To each, the other deserves the play’s title. Liam Haber says his cousin Daphna has a ...

More pressure on Mickey Kasparian

Donna Frye protests against union chief accused of sexual misconduct

In a lawsuit filed in December, United Food and Commercial Workers Union president Mickey Kasparian was accused of sexual harassment and denigrating employees. Demands for him to step down are increasing, and the protests continue. ...

Saturday night in San Diego

The chance for local musicians to get TV face time just got better

Tonight in San Diego, a Tonight Show-type variety show that has appeared on various cable outlets over its two-year history, has just been picked up by CW6, which will air it Saturdays at 11 p.m. ...

Kindergarten sexual harassment case continues

Green Elementary School incident puts officials in the spotlight

New details have emerged regarding an alleged sexual assault by an elementary-school student on another student at San Diego Unified School District's Green Elementary School. On August 18, 2016, San Diego Unified School District superintendent ...

Madison’s Mediterranean brunch

A good call

Madison in University Heights has been open for about a year. My wife and I dined there in February and liked the cocktails, but we felt the food needed more seasoning. Then my wife said ...

Bay's plastic pollution — it's in the fish

Study takes it down to the microbead level

San Diego Bay’s fish are ending up with plastics in their systems from trash that washes downstream — and the fish are fed more plastic with every rainstorm. That’s the conclusion of the first comprehensive ...


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