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Mexican photojournalist recalls Pemex arrest

“They threw me on my back and flipped me face down and pushed down."

Gas prices in Mexico have jumped since January 1. Coupled with the decline of the peso, the situation has caused a great deal of unrest throughout Baja California. On the morning of Saturday, January 7, ...

Mayor's staff chief getting campaign cash

Puetz paid for offices, travel, hotel, and meal at Washington political event

San Diego's Republican mayor has been into plenty of denial lately regarding his future political intentions, but a series of expenses recently disclosed by his 2016 reelection committee suggests a different story. After pledging he ...

More changes at FM-94/9

Cantore + Woods morning show is off the air

It’s been a bad month for San Diego radio veterans. Mike Halloran, who started at 91X in 1986 and went on to work at four other local alt-rock stations, was dismissed as afternoon DJ and ...

New Fortune Theatre risks epic revenge with Les Liaisons Dangereuses

Scandalous discords

At the beginning of Shakespeare’s soaring tragedy, Marc Antony tells Cleopatra: “Now, for the love of Love and her soft hours, let’s not confound the time with conference harsh. There’s not a minute of our ...

14-year-old threatened into having sex

Dylan Wayne Cawdrey gets 46 months for preying on girl

Dylan Wayne Cawdrey, 23, was sentenced January 23 to 46 months in prison for getting a 14-year-old girl to have sex with him by threatening to do harm to those in her family. He had ...