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Because We Love You Fest fertilizes TJ’s subterranean scene

Friends from both Californias get together for 18 hours

Experimental music rarely goes as planned. Often, that’s the point. Sometimes, nothing happens at all. Just ask John Cage. One thing’s for sure: it’s a gamble. It’s downright audacious first-date material. Most people find it ...

Biotech rocket ride

La Jolla Pharmaceutical stock soars 76.75 percent

Stock of biotech La Jolla Pharmaceutical today (February 27) soared a rollicking 76.75 percent to $35.12. The company got excellent results in tests for a treatment for catecholamine-resistant hypotension, a life-threatening condition featuring inadequate blood ...

Tenor Nicolai Gedda dead at 91

If I ever had a new aria to learn I would listen to Gedda first in order to make sure I was “doing it right.”

Nicolai Gedda’s family has announced that the legendary tenor died on January 8, 2017. He was 91 years old. Gedda was a master of diction. If I ever had a new aria to learn I ...

The making of a San Diego county supervisor via CNN

Fletcher's Trump-bashing catches eye of White House–spurned Tapper

One of the ultimate ironies of Hillary Clinton's defeat at the hands of Donald Trump may come with the ascendance of Nathan Fletcher to a county supervisor’s seat in San Diego. Far from Washington’s beltway, ...

Pleasant ride on Tijuana's big-boy bus system

“Que tengan buen día!” the female driver shouted.

After watching police arrest some minor drug offenders from inside the huge modern bus terminal in the Zone Norte, I headed toward a bus in Tijuana’s new rapid transit system, named SITT (Sistema Integral de ...

Dorms closest to the surf

Did you know colleges have surf teams?

In 1997, I returned to San Diego to work on a couple university projects; a new parking garage at USD and then the new Commons building at Point Loma Nazarene. The Point Loma job was ...

Legitimate proof that La Mesa is hip

Blvd Noodles hits the boulevard

For some, a Starbucks is a sign that the neighborhood has arrived. For others, it’s a microbrewery. For me, it’s a noodle shop. La Mesa already has its share of sushi joints, pho spots, and ...

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