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City holds garage sale next to homeless center

Make an offer (disclosure: asbestos present, accessibility limited)

Downtown's "World Trade Center" at 1250 Sixth Avenue started out as the San Diego Athletic Club in the late '20s and eventually became home to publisher Harcourt Brace Jovanovich; they vacated the building in 1993 ...

What's the affordable housing plan, Encinitas?

"Like a herd of wild turtles we are moving slowly toward our goal."

The Encinitas City Council set up a task force to put together a proposed housing plan Monday night (February 6) in hopes of avoiding another legal defeat for failing to identify how to create almost ...

Tchaikovsky's 4th at San Diego Symphony

A stunning comeback

Super Bowl Sunday was one of the greatest comeback performances in history. After a shaky start the team came together and finished like the champions they are. I speak not of the selfish and immature ...

Is indoor drive-in the next big thing?

No. No, it’s not.

The Variety headline read, “Dine-In Cinema Gets Immersive: Indoor Drive-In to Open in Nashville.” An indoor drive-in offering an immersive dining experience translates to Carbon Monoxide Cocktails on sale at the concession stand and a ...

Latham joins Mission Valley's public land war

Super-rich La Jolla hedge-funders lay out big cash for L.A. lobbyist

How many dollars are San Diegans willing to surrender to developers of a new stadium for professional soccer and San Diego State University, biding its time for the lucrative opportunity to hike the price of ...

Drummer's revenge

Caskitt kills the frontman, sings from behind the kit

There aren’t many bands with lead singers who drum. The list includes “Phil Collins, Don Henley, [the Band’s] Levon Helm, and the guy from the Romantics. I watched all the biographical documentaries on those guys. ...

Doug Manchester to be Bahama Papa for U.S.?

Former U-T owner said to be in running for ambassadorship

The is an online news operation in the Bahamas. On December 27, it reported, "Lyford Cay resident Papa Doug Manchester is being tipped as the next U.S. Ambassador to the Bahamas under a Trump ...

Canary Island palms in peril

South American palm weevil hard to kill

San Ysidro, Chula Vista, and now Bonita residents are watching their Canary Island palms choke and die — sometimes with the entire crown falling to the ground below. The culprit? The South American palm weevil ...

Congrats, thespians

San Diego Theater Critics Circle awards for 2016

The San Diego Theater Critics Circle held its 12th annual awards ceremony on February 4. Congratulations to the winners, the nominees, and the entire community of theater artists for one heck of a year. Designer ...