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Viking feasting hall opens in Vista

Drink mead and cider from a horn

Vince Obarski recalls first hearing about mead as a kid, referenced in fantasy games such as Dungeons & Dragons. He associated it with beer, and medieval times, but didn't grasp how far back it actually ...

Classical music doesn’t care if you think it is long and boring

Immature and Selfish, the bill has come due

Immature and selfish. Are there any two more undesirable attributes? You might say cruel and unfeeling but cruel and unfeeling are just different iterations of immature and selfish. As positive as I feel I’ve tried ...

Perfectly good fishing boat sabotaged

Owners admit trying to sink it for insurance money

Christopher Switzer and Mark Gillette on October 11 took their charter sport-fishing vessel, a 57-foot craft named the Commander, to sea from Mission Bay. They later made an emergency call to the Coast Guard, saying ...

Margie's plight

It breaks my heart and fills me with acute dread at the prospect of walking a mile in Margie’s shoes...

One of my biggest fears in life is to wake up someday in more or less the same circumstances as Margie Walsh from David Lindsay-Abaire’s Good People (now playing at Scripps Ranch Theatre through February ...

San Diego theater awareness month

Awards for it and a whole week of it in February

Craig Noel Awards A reminder: The San Diego Theater Critics Circle will hold its annual awards ceremony on Monday, February 6, at the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation at 404 Euclid Street, in Lincoln Park. ...

Julian Grille is better than the apple pie

A “working lunch” turns into all afternoon

Before the holidays my husband and I stayed for a week outside Julian at an RV park, and each morning I would drive a few miles to the library to write. One afternoon, instead of ...

Ready to fill with North Park foodies

Long empty and tagged, former movie theater gets spiffed up

The long-empty storefront at 3020 University Avenue in North Park may at last find a lessee. The building has been an eyesore for several years in the ever-growing, popular foodie district of North Park (in ...

Say bye to Oceanside Digiplex's squeaky seats

Theater giant buys small chain to add to its big one

On January 31, as I sat in the Oceanside Digiplex Theater at the Mission Market Place, I couldn’t help but be bothered by the squeaky seat behind me; I also noticed a seat covered up ...

Likely not the last binational railroad story

Lawsuits fly among Desert Line executives

Big things are happening on the binational railroad — unfortunately, they are transpiring in courtrooms and not on the 108 miles of track that stretches from Tijuana up through the border at Campo and into ...


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