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"Landmark" pine tree the culprit

Parents of Nicki Lyn Carano sue for wrongful death of their daughter

The City of San Diego says a Pacific Beach condominium complex has some liability in the death of a local musician who was killed when a large pine tree fell on her car in January ...

Liberty Station just for the uni

Started by Catalina Offshore vet

It's fair to say Liberty Station has become a good place to find yourself hungry. I did on a recent Saturday afternoon, and since I only had a short window to remedy the situation, I ...

Big water-main break in O.B.

"That’s probably 50 gallons a minute we’re watching right now."

“The seal’s right there. Originally when it burst it came off. The Water Department is on the way to shut it off,” a city employee of the General Services department told me at about 10:30 ...

Elderly low-income and homeless project in Grantville

Housing crisis for Grandma and Grandpa looms large

Housing the homeless is a sticky wicket in San Diego. It's even more daunting when those homeless are senior citizens with health issues. A proposed housing project in Grantville aims to help seniors with chronic ...

Bluefin and yellowtail for Christmas

Wasabi and ginger can add the right color

Dock Totals Dec 10 – Dec 16: 1,128 anglers aboard 60 boats out of San Diego landings this past week caught 893 bluefin tuna, 4 yellowfin tuna, 567 yellowtail, 6 calico bass, 19 sand bass, ...

At PB maybe I was getting in their way

Bought a Barry Snyder surfboard for $50

Name: Melissa Beach: Ocean Beach Melissa moved here from Guam two months ago. She’s a 20-year-old college student that frequents Ocean Beach because of the friendlier vibes. “At PB by the pier, it was different,” ...

Foreign gas stations opening up to Mexico

Consumers happy to buy from companies other than Pemex

“There’s an Arco by my house. It’s the same thing, just with more people in line because the gasoline is supposedly gabacha,” says Linda Goodman, a Tijuana local. “The gasoline liberation allowed foreign business to ...

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