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Madra Dog makes the Christmas scene

Rottweiler statue pulls donations for live brethren (and...cats)

Last week on Madra Avenue, Madra Dog was decked out in a green and red cap, oversized sunglasses with red frames, and a large red bow. The 30-inch-tall rottweiler statue belongs to Janet Mika. Since ...

High-schooled Starcrawler

Arrow de Wilde’s a student of the craft of making frenzy

It’s almost as if Starcrawler read the list of how to be a ’60s American garage rock band. Loud-ass lead guitarist with much skill and many exciting poses? Check. Smokin’ rock and roll rhythm section ...

Claim says deputies used excessive force

Overabundance of caution and/or taser zaps fried Mark Adkins

The widow of a man who was tasered to death by sheriff's deputies in May 2017 has filed a wrongful death claim against the County of San Diego. The claim is the first step before ...

Wrecking ball target: Drew Ford roundhouse

La Mesa landmark could be disassembled and moved, say preservationists

"Penske fails to see the value in the roundhouse of values," said Gregory May, who started a petition and a Facebook page to bring attention to the planned demolition of the 1960s Drew Ford roundhouse. ...

South Bay Super 8 recovery home a smashed success?

Of 16 people in first implementation of program, 11 "walked away"

In their push for the conversion of a Super 8 motel to a transitional housing facility for up to 84 people, the city attorney's office failed to honor a public records request by the Reader ...