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Eclipse road trip: Weisler, Idaho

Just a hop, skip and 15-hour drive to see the great American eclipse in all its glory.

Rolling up to my destination at 1 a.m., a couple of miles north of Weiser, Idaho, where there were two little side roads I had picked out on Google Maps as being a few hundred ...

Ebullition bubbles in to Vista

Do the math: city's 18th brewhouse, 4 more in planning stages

Ebullition Brew Works soft-opened in Vista at the beginning of July. Nearly two months later, the brewery has yet to announce a grand-opening date but has been keeping regular hours and served nine different beers ...

No master plan for Maple Canyon

"Some previous deputy director must have thought it would be a good idea."

Maple Canyon lovers heard the echo of the freeway building in the early 1960s at the start of summer, when they found about 50 feet of the west entry to the canyon had been paved ...

Thanks for the gas-price hike, Harvey (big jerk)

Predictable, even though West Coast's supply and main facility uninterrupted

Local gas prices jumped around 10 cents a gallon overnight on August 30, in response to the destruction and flooding from Hurricane Harvey. San Diego gas prices started rising slightly on August 25, the day ...

A Rumble: “Indian” vs. “Native American”

Political correctness rules in critic’s favor

Political correctness is a game one must master in order to keep the paychecks coming. One thing this woefully incorrect chronicler has learned the hard way is: what plays in the head need not always ...

Anti-Target demonstration in Ocean Beach

“Oh, this is just one of many protests."

Anti-Target protesters gathered at the ocean end of Newport Avenue on the afternoon of August 31 before marching down the street and through the weekly farmers’ market. Vendors encouraged the protesters with hoots of support. ...

Debate on community choice for electricity heats up

"Choice under a monopoly is not a choice."

The city's goal of reaching 100 percent renewable energy by 2035 is kicking in to high gear with a new study that explores the feasibility of community choice — a program that would hand over ...

San Diego medical marijuana product for Mexico

Government's buy is earmarked for treatment of epileptic children

Since early 2016, the San Diego–based Medical Marijuana Inc., doing business as HempMeds Mexico, has been exporting a version of its cannabidol (CBD) oil across the border. Last week, the company announced its first major ...

Conductor’s podium now a political platform

Gustavo Dudamel, Dennis Prager, Puccini, Wagner suffer brickbats

I assume I’m not the only one who is experiencing political fatigue. I’m not talking about the shuffling of White House personnel, North Korea, or what have you. I’m referring to all the political posturing ...

Mira Mesa tempura crab a star on Yelp and Instagram

Custom fish, cooking, sauce

It's a simple rule of thumb that any place calling itself fancy ain't really all that fancy. Such is the case with The Fancy Fish, a casual seafood spot sitting in the elbow slot of ...

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