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Limbo doesn't last long at Circle 9 Brewing

Lager up, sinners, or wait till the next batch

Back in June, the Reader reported a new nanobrewery, Circle 9 Brewing, had debuted its first beer at a fighting float festival in Japan. As of August 19th, the Kearny Mesa craft brewer is officially ...

Chicago bosses clean out top editors at LA Times

Sudden move likely to affect Union-Tribune

Top editors of the Los Angeles Times were suddenly sacked by tronc, the Chicago-based company that owns the Times, this afternoon (Aug. 21). A memo announcing the personnel changes from tronc CEO Justin Dearborn was ...

Mako my day — bonito sharks following the fray

One of the fastest fish in the world

Dock Totals August 13-19: 6,385 anglers aboard 244 boats out of San Diego landings this past week caught 686 bluefin tuna, 2,406 yellowfin tuna, 4 bigeye tuna, 300 skipjack tuna, 3,687 dorado, 7,910 yellowtail, 885 ...

The shark guy of Ocean Beach Pier

“We eat everything we catch.”

“I’ve been coming to this pier for over 20 years to fish — every Sunday and at least four times a week,” José Plascencia told me as he was loading his grandson Ethan into his ...

Cornhole finally on California beaches

Boys and Girls Club get Ballast Point and Latitude 33 to bring suds

During summer, especially in the Midwest, one can usually find a game of cornhole (tossing a corn-filled sack onto a tilted plank) in progress at the local park. During winter, it is played indoors where ...

Homeless camp cleanup stymied by city

“We were never trying to eject the homeless.”

“I did get a fist put to my face [and] that was one of the motivating factors to leave the scene,” said Lashbrook. On August 18, at about 10:45 a.m., Worden “Tom” Lashbrook met with ...

Cohn Restaurant Group sued over text message

Lawyers find loophole in telecommunications consent law

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 was well-meaning legislation, attempting to protect consumers from unwanted telephone solicitation. But it appears that some lawyers are abusing the act to shake down businesses for settlements. This ...

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