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Brouhaha or foofaraw at San Diego Junior Theatre?

Lawyer taking complaint to Mayor Faulconer, city council

A brouhaha is a public clamor over a critical matter. A foofaraw is a clamor over a petty matter. At Balboa Park's Junior Theatre, a group of parents and attendees believe there have been serious ...

Opah on the overnight

Bluefin brutish on anglers

The angler count fell off by nearly half as strong winds kept most of the boats in the slips midweek. Other than that, the fishing stayed about the same as the week before when the ...

NPR, SDSU, UNICEF, and Doctors Without Borders beat back Encinitas attorney

Appeals court says he influenced his sick client.

On April 20, the Court of Appeal, Fourth Appellate District, agreed with a lower court decision assailing an Encinitas attorney for making himself the recipient of the fortune of an elderly, mentally ailing client, who ...

The curse of 3825 Fifth Avenue

Can Crave survive this tough spot in Hillcrest?

They say “location location location” is important in the restaurant business, and if that’s the case, 3825 Fifth Avenue must be a bad location. Although thrift shops seem to thrive there, the block between Robinson ...