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Coronado driveway contested

Bayside neighbors say Ed McVaney claimed frontage road

Ed McVaney, who owns a couple of houses in Coronado, apparently doesn’t take no for an answer. So when a San Diego Superior Court ruling required him to restore his neighbors’ access to the frontage ...

Bluefin fishing still strong off 9 Mile Bank and elsewhere

Yellowtail numbers back to near-normal

Dock Totals Aug 27 — Sept 2: 5,708 anglers aboard 215 boats out of San Diego landings this past week caught 1,746 bluefin tuna, 1,607 yellowfin tuna, 100 skipjack tuna, 868 dorado, 2,651 yellowtail, 1,028 ...

San Diego sunsets 75 seconds earlier every day

Coastal sage at nadir of green

The Time of Sunset changes most rapidly this time of the year. This is mainly because the sun is swinging rapidly south along the ecliptic (its apparent path through the background stars). From the latitude ...

OB liquor store satisfies Baja gringo

Fish tacos for 99 cents at Quik Stop

Living south of the border, I’ve become spoiled by the low cost of quality meals, so when I have to come stateside, I usually pack a lunch. That is, except Tuesdays. Taco Tuesday is a ...

Judith Moore on her past

Washington State small town, Arkansas farm, the dad who read Babar, the gay uncle

A Memory of Summer We circled idly, swayed around the campfire. I had one hand around Don’s waist, up under his jacket, and the other on Arlene’s shoulder. Sparks flew up from the wet wood. ...

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