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The struggle is real. Or maybe just in your head.

Conflict, external and internal, in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and Buster’s Mal Heart

In case my review of the (don’t call it quirky, don’t call it quirky) quirky psycho-thriller Buster’s Mal Heart didn’t fully convey it, I want to further express my delight at the film’s portrayal of ...

Time to take out the Eurotrash

A German part-time orchestra is attempting to improve US/Mexico border relations.

There is a practice in classical music which I find to be somewhat disingenuous. That practice is overtly politicized concertizing. As I've written in the past, almost every great opera has a political edge but ...

Deep blue jellyfish wash ashore in Ocean Beach

Wash your hands if you touch velella

Chances are, if you walk along the shore in Ocean Beach, you’ll notice an influx of Velella, aka sea-raft, by-the-wind-sailors, purple sail or sometimes, blue jelly-fish. Usually deep-blue in color, they live on the surface ...

Weird crimes so far this year in La Mesa

The hatchet, the drug dealer, and two staged robberies

According to La Mesa police chief Walt Vasquez’s quarterly operations report for the first three months of 2017, the city’s one homicide was related to a 1996 incident where a man attacked his mother with ...

University Ave. Radio Shack closing brings out comments

Local electronics users tell what went wrong

“Some of their sales reps and their corporate buyers had a lack of knowledge,” said Bob Mulz, regarding the soon to be closings of the RadioShack stores in his Cherokee Point/City Heights neighborhood. Mulz, 72, ...

Anybody but General Atomics

Spurned by Linden Blue, Trump goes off on high-tech military vendor

Mega-millionaire La Jollan Linden Blue, co-owner of General Atomics, has long been a loyal Republican donor, kicking in hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years to support party politicos from would-be San Diego GOP ...

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