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Scategories with Wolfgang

Scatology has a long and honorable tradition

Scatology is currently a most distasteful subject but that was not always the case. There are examples of scatalogical humor dating back to Aristophanes’s The Birds in the ancient Greek theatre. This type of humor ...

Skaters kickflip for beer

Some of the world's best skateboarders have something brewing in Oceanside

The grand opening for Oceanside's newest brewery is slated for Saturday, June 10, but it has already sold out its first batch of beer, thanks to racking up 122 different bar and restaurant accounts. That's ...

Baja's Highway 1 tested in 160 mph race

Honda, Ford Mustang, Studebaker crap out before Cabo

“I always thought that it would be a wonderful road to race on,” said Richard Bailey from Washington, “I mean [look at] the backdrop right now — we are sitting on the highways at [Bahia] ...

Former Navy commander pleads guilty in Singapore scandal

Kapaun 21st current or ex-Navy official charged in Francis case

Former United States Navy Commander David Kapaun pleaded guilty in Hawaii yesterday (June 6) to lying about his relationship with Leonard G. Francis, the Singapore-based defense contractor at the center of a long-running bribery and ...

The lure of fresh bread in the morning

Torpedo repeat

BMH Italian wasn’t open yet, but I could smell the bread baking, so I parked it on a bench outside and waited. 10:30 a.m. may have been a little on the early side for lunch, ...

Three men pose as Homeland Security officials

Falsely promised to deliver immigration documents

Yesterday, June 7, three individuals — two of them pretending to be Homeland Security officials — were arrested for falsely promising to provide immigration status to individuals. The three allegedly fleeced $6 million from at ...

"We heard you" claim developers of Hillcrest 111

Greystar gives 10-foot step-back on Robinson

The developer whose proposed project at 7th and Robinson was rejected by Uptown planners and Hillcrest residents in April won the group's support Tuesday night by returning with compromises. "We heard you," said Jim Ivory ...

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