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Porn and Jehovah's Witnesses top the headlines

San Diego's Porn Studios Fourteen women, ranging in age from 18 through 22, including one still in high school, may have felt like stars when they walked into the Hard Rock Hotel and the Kimptbn's ...

Hot pastrami in the heart of Logan

New York beef and local bread

I can't say how long the misspelling painted on the side of Ponderosa Market has been making me wonder, but it does claim the place has been serving hot subs to Barrio Logan since 1984. ...

San Ysidro School District sued (again)

Former superintendant's $400,000 severance pay issue unresolved

Legal problems continue to mount for the San Ysidro School District over the $400,000 severance package it gave to former superintendent Julio Fonseca earlier this year. On December 15, public watchdog group San Diegans for ...