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Roberto ran over a cop

Slow-witted vermin guarantees itself a swift trial.

Oceanside police attacker: "They’re trying to use their power." Talks to cellmates about L.A. cop killer Christopher Dorner.

The Tree of Wisdom by Nagarjuna

Proponent of emptiness

He who undertakes work which he cannot carry out, Who vies with the multitude and disputes with the powerful, Who lets a woman know his thoughts — The four gods of death sit at his ...

Fight your own worst instincts; you can be a decent human being

Twilight Zone and The Fog of War

For a television show I pick the original Twilight Zone. For a movie I choose the documentary The Fog of War. Both of these pieces really deal with the same thing: humanity trying to identify ...

There are bands other than Green Day and Blink 182

And there is no Santa

Dear Hipster: As far as comparative Christmas-ruining is concerned, what would be worse — accidentally telling your four-year-old cousins the truth about Santa Claus or forgetting to get your boy- or girlfriend a Christmas present? ...

More chef than mixologist

Some are getting the ginger, some the caramel

Reports are rolling in by the basketful: Washington, New York, Wisconsin, Michigan — all the big apple-producing states are enjoying a bumper crop this year. And San Diego can take a bite out of this ...

Deported U.S. Army vet wants in

Hector Barajas takes first step toward suing federal government

A U.S. Army veteran who was deported to Mexico has filed a complaint against the federal government in hopes of returning to the U.S. Hector Barajas, 40, filed the complaint on December 12, and while ...

Get out the Blue Guitar case

Shop to close in February after 57 years

The Blue Guitar has undergone many changes since it was founded in 1961. It appears as if its final transformation may be an upcoming disappearing act. “Yuris Zeltins was our shop founder, he has now ...

Crispier chicken than KFC or Church's

How a Chinese place with five tables lasts 25 years

"Mmm. Helps with the cold,” croaks Ria. She’s leaning over the steam of her wonton soup. She fishes for a wonton that’s hiding beneath the cabbage and crispy croutons she dunked in the soup. Then ...

How to fill 105 minutes with Ferdinand

Spanish bull as early pacifist

Will Ferdinand’s bravery prove intrepid enough to win this weekend’s box-office battle against The Last Jedi or will the mighty (and mightily fey) cartoon bull prove to be no match for the Force? We all ...

Kargoyle haunts Normal Heights

Then it's off to be auctioned at Scottsdale

The Kargoyle, a chop-topped 1967 Cadillac Miller-Meteor Funeral Coach of dubious practicality and somewhat mysterious origin, slunk and slithered its way into the Adams Avenue Vons lot in Normal Heights and parked next to me. ...

UCSD, teach thyself

Vested interest in real estate

As the local political push for more high-density residential infill continues to mount, UCSD, accustomed to spinning out experts on cell phones and biotech, is expanding its curriculum into a more prosaic if similarly lucrative ...

Ameriwanica: The Musical

"Are you a patient or a criminal? That’s the basic question.”

“The inspiration came from watching a documentary about a little girl with epilepsy who was seizing 300 times a week,” says composer Gary Rich, whose musical Ameriwanica extols the health benefits of the green leafy ...

Too much love for any one man

Pandora's Box and Rabid

One of the film greats, Pandora’s Box gives us Louise Brooks (who never looked better) causing the perdition of men with her beauty and charisma. An unsuccessful case is made that there’s a supernatural quality ...

Rhyme & Verse — two poems by Jax NTP

the sun cooks dirt onto the park bench

let’s make a list of women in power now the trees are so still they are about to catch on fire we wake up for something to do someone to become the difference between aria ...

Ride your bike around Borrego's prehistoric sculptures

And stay for the stars

Borrego Springs is the unincorporated town in San Diego’s desert area surrounded by Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. It is an official International Dark Sky Community where you can really see the stars at night. Borrego ...

Monsters that prowl the shadowy corners of memory

Tarrytown in University Heights

I like that Ichabod Crane believes in ghosts. Tom Zohar plays Ichabod in Backyard Renaissance Theatre Company’s debut production of Adam Wachter’s Tarrytown — with Katrina (Kay Marian McNellen) and Brom (Bryan Branville) similarly borrowed ...

San Diego’s onset of winter things to do

Star Wars party, Dave Koz, ugly sweaters and beer, ice skating in Del Mar

Thursday | 14 Star Wars: The Last Jedi Get in on a private screening of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. But first, a party at the Fleet. Meet R2D2 and hang out with Stormtroopers from ...

The last from Lemmy

Pacific Records releases Motörhead frontman's last tune

Brian Witkin’s dad performed at Woodstock as a member of Sha Na Na. The son had experienced success running a CD store at the all-ages Epicentre music venue. But a major setback ten years ago ...

On top of this little corner of the world

South Encanto has the views

When my friend Jon visits from from the murk and damp of Michigan, he always looks up for what he thinks of as a real San Diego sky: not merely cloudless, not merely blue, but ...

Stalking Pete Best

"There was a man in his underwear with peppered hair, like a silly movie."

“We were shooting a documentary about the Beatles and [original drummer] Pete Best’s first journey to Hamburg about a year and a half ago,” says Christopher Leyva of how he came to be outside Best’s ...

Sure-fire way to stop rampant consumerism

An experiment with one family

Dear Hipster: Fair warning, this is not a question. I just want to share with you a holiday tradition, followed by my family, because I think it will appeal to your hipster values. It all ...

No toys this year. They don't last.

Get 'em outta the house

No toys this year. They don’t last. Activities get remembered. I could go for an exotic version of classic little-kid fun…how about camel rides instead of ponies? Oasis Camel Dairy in Ramona (760-787-0983) may be ...

Mundell Lowe went out swinging

“He was on when we played his 95th birthday party six months ago.”

Electric-guitar pioneer Mundell Lowe, who had made San Diego his base for the past 22 years, died at home on December 2. He was 95. Born in Shady Grove, Mississippi, Lowe’s curriculum vitae is so ...

Tell Amazon what they want to hear

... or they may unlist your product

On November 1, local artist and entrepreneur Rachel Eva was hopeful about the impending holidays. Standard Spoon, the boutique barware company Eva founded two years ago with her collaborator and husband, Shawn Michael, was only ...

Some surprises, some not for next year concerts

Ty Segall, Fozzy, John Prine, Juanes and Mon Laferte, Foreigner and Whitesnake

The sheer quantity of music on Ty Segall’s new album, Freedom’s Goblin, fills up four sides of its vinyl incarnation, a full 19 tracks due the same week he opens his 2018 tour at the ...

DecoBike, LimeBike, Spin pour money into San Diego

Local lobbyists for sale

A battle waged by well-paid lobbyists has broken out at San Diego city hall over whether the city should allow so-called dockless bicycle rental firms to ply their trade on city streets. The city already ...

Letters about letters

Chicano Park still flashpoint

Bridge over troubled lingo In talking about the silver-haired man he should have spoken of his “constitutional,” not his “constitution” (although I imagined it benefitted from the outing). Dale Rodebaugh Kensington The United States grabbed ...

Binge-compelling fare

Supergirl and Mindhunter

Supergirl is a series my seven-year-old and I enjoy together. Kara Danvers (Supergirl’s alter-ego, heartfully portrayed by Mellissa Benoist) navigates the complexities of being both a superhero and millennial who’s landed her first job. I’m ...

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