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Great year for 7-Eleven beer-runners

Vigilant employees, cameras, locked coolers, barricades don't stop them

“Yesterday at 9:40 [p.m.] two Modelo 24 oz. cans fell out of his pants,” said Fredley. “I said, 'What the hell...what is this?' then he grabbed them and ran away…but his girlfriend is right behind ...

Huli huli beats teriyaki

Author probes past the shrugging counter woman

It's been a while since the aroma of food lured me into a restaurant. But, as I was passing through North Park, whatever was cooking at Chris' Ono Grinds Island Grill made me hungry enough ...

Giant leak kills Manchester's grand-opening plans

Texas hotel nearing finish, but not until February

Donald Trump may be plagued by more than his share of leaks, but nothing like those of La Jolla's Doug Manchester, the president's ambassadorial nominee to the Bahamas, who reportedly needed real plumbers to handle ...

Bluefin limits in December — some lingcod tips

Dock totals Nov 26 – Dec 2

Dock Totals Nov 26 – Dec 2: 1,547 anglers aboard 74 boats out of San Diego landings this past week caught 1,027 bluefin tuna, 35 yellowfin tuna, 14 bigeye tuna, 57 yellowtail, 11 calico bass, ...

Tijuana's 21st-century taco cart has arrived

“I guess it looks nicer. I don’t think our customers care.”

The trend to design exteriors of exposed brick and finished natural wood has made it to Tijuana. Many of the new and remodeled buildings have that modern look, clashing with the old sheet-metal carts of ...

More clothes than normal

Polar Bear Classic Volleyball Tournament

In 1930, while waiting for the rest of the players to show up for a volleyball match Paul Johnson of the Santa Monica Athletic Club suggested that he and the three others there early try ...

Jihadists threaten San Diego's Mormon temple

And the Vatican, and call for lone-wolf attacks

On November 29 a jihadist media group published an image suggesting San Diego could be in the crosshairs of terrorists this holiday season. The San Diego California Temple in University City appears to be their ...

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