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How much does it cost to settle a refugee in San Diego?

Costs, culture clashes, and the presidential threat.

On an airplane over the Atlantic Ocean, Talal Shaheen, his wife and three sons, who are Syrian refugees, looked forward to a new life in Florida. Shaheen says that American government officials had told him ...

Cindy Lee Berryhill powers up

New LP recalls her early days with Crawdaddy journalist Paul Williams

“Some folks are easygoing, dependable ‘dogs’ and some are aloof, unavailable ‘cats,’” says singer-songwriter Cindy Lee Berryhill, relaying the conversation she had with a friend returning to the dating scene that inspired her new song ...

High-dollar Democrats

General Motors tapped for cash

San Diego City Council Democrat David Alvarez, who has already set up a campaign fundraising apparatus for a shot at the District One county supervisor’s vacancy opening in 2020, has tapped behemoth carmaker General Motors ...

Get control of the spice at Aaharn Thai

Street nuts

Nuts make you talk. Nuts make you cry. I’m chewing Thai nuts while Phon, Cheri, Lynn, and I talk on about the king of Thailand. King Bhumibol Adulyadej. He died six months ago, but for ...

Leaders in the Clubhouse include the anti–San Diego stuff

Snubbed by the San Diego Music Awards — but so what?

“Our sound is like the stupid man’s Randy Newman,” says drummer Spud Davenport (Messy Necessities, Shamey Jays), one half of comedic power-pop-rockers Leaders in the Clubhouse. “Or what if Warren Zevon joined Weezer,” offers pianist ...

Prose before bros

Cezanne et Moi, a story of two of the greatest figures of the 19th Century and their 40-year friendship

Artists are a famously difficult bunch: if they’re not wreaking havoc as they wrestle their demons into something fit for public consumption, then they’re plundering everyone and everything around them in service of their precious ...

Little San Diego intelligence

Calling all spies!

There’s a dearth of professional online spies at San Diego’s so-called fusion center, the costly, high-security law-enforcement complex set up in Kearny Mesa by the federal government to combat terrorism by sharing super-secret data between ...

Zapata on steroids

Rage and System of a Down passé to Steeltoe

Temo Uribe is the frontman/songwriter of Chula Vista–based thrash/punk band Steeltoe, possibly San Diego’s most politically driven band. He doesn’t mince words. Regarding local punk bands who rage and thrash without a point: “It’s just ...

Hottentot Venus

Taken from South Africa to be displayed as a human freak show in England

It’s not every day you get an off-the-cuff reference to the Hottentot Venus, but there it is, casually worked into the dialogue during the first-half of Red Velvet at the Old Globe. One of the ...

Pond from Perth

Nihilistic Beatles-ish punk psych band to lather Casbah

They’ll be here a couple of weeks ahead of the release of their latest full-length album The Weather when they next play San Diego. Pond is a band out of Perth, Australia, a gene pool ...

Explore a short central city canyon under the Spruce Street suspension footbridge

Spruce Street suspension bridge needs no locks

This short walk is a good way to get a different view of the Spruce Street suspension bridge. It is a step back into San Diego’s early history. The walk to Arroyo Canyon starts at ...

A new column for new music in San Diego

Parachute pants, Hispanic classic, and Portland sludge

Relive the age of parachute pants and brick-phones on May 9 when Fuel and Marcy Playground provide your funky ’90s flashback at the Belly Up in Solana Beach. Fuel’s sole founding member Brett Scallions promises ...

Into the Beautiful North has a little Oz

Stop the bandits

If Tres Camarones (“three shrimp”) actually existed, the small fishing village would be about 35 miles south of Mazatlan on the Gulf of California. According to Into the Beautiful North — Karen Zacharias’s new play ...

Not exactly L.A. versus San Diego

The San Diego hipster isn’t ashamed to be a lifetime bartender.

Dear Hipster: What’s the difference (if there is one) between an L.A. hipster and a San Diego hipster? — Janelle Picture two hipsters with rhyming names, Alysyn from L.A., fresh from riding the gentrification wave ...

Dedicated to Darius

Scott Kannberg's record for his longtime go-to drummer

It’s been eight years since Scott “Spiral Stairs” Kannberg’s last solo album, The Real Feel, was released. In the interim, his old band, Pavement, reunited and toured, he became a father, he relocated from Seattle ...

This Rancho Santa Fe house doesn’t need you

Twenty-eight completely automated audio zones, HVAC, lighting, pool systems, surveillance...

Current Owner: unclear Beds: 6 Baths: 7 List Price: $24,995,000 The technological marvel that comprises the estate at 6424 La Valle Plateada in Rancho Santa Fe “excites the senses immediately as one enters the grand ...

Easter, San Diego style

Also this week: the Red Bull air race and a tax-day march against Trump

Thursday | 13 ATHENAEUM ART HISTORY: FRANCIS BACON An Introduction to Francis Bacon is a series of two art history lectures presented by Hugh Davies, director emeritus of the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. ...

On the road again: Robus and Myra, Roger and Sissy

"You oughta see what happens when I do the Shrine Auditorium with 5000 black people in there."

Look at my eyes now Pastor Robus of God’s Real Church — abused child, former Hells Angel, prison rape victim, two-time mental patient, twice divorced, and successful businessman who left it behind when God appeared ...

Engineers’ group bullish on H-1B reform

Will Issa’s bill pass?

Lots of talk on H-1B visa reform — action doubtful.

God's love is far bigger than pastor Iona Dickinson can understand

"My college chaplain said to me if I can do anything else and be happy, do it!"

A heart for justice for all people in University City.

Mr. Issa goes to Hollywood

And Bill Maher pays for it

North County congressman Darrell Issa made news when he appeared on liberal Bill Maher’s HBO talk show in late February, calling for a special prosecutor to investigate Russian meddling in last year’s presidential election. “We ...

Let thy blessèd Spirit bear a part/and make up our defects with his sweet art

Three poems for Easter by George Herbert

Easter Rise, heart, thy lord is risen. Sing his praise Without delays, Who takes thee by the hand, that thou likewise With him may’st rise: That, as his death calcinèd thee to dust, His life ...

Readers answer reader's questions

Why they're in TJ

Not True! I’m calling about “Baseball Is Different in Tijuana,” from the April 6 Reader (cover story). There are some really big inaccuracies in this article. For example, it talks about the time the games ...

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