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Navy gets go-ahead to use sonar harmful to sealife

"The National Marine Fisheries Service is not doing its job."

Despite a federal court's ruling that the National Marine Fisheries got it wrong when the agency decided that the U.S. Navy could use sonar known to harm whales, dolphins, and other marine mammals, the Navy ...

Thunderhawk HO!

Childhood buds open a brewery together

Thunderhawk Alements officially joined Miramar's growing Miralani Drive brewing scene in mid-September, opening its small tasting room and drinking patio to weekend crowds. It sits in just across the street from the recently opened Setting ...

What happened to Meyerbeer?

The most successful opera composer of the 19th Century is now a footnote

What happened to Giacomo Meyerbeer? After seeing Meyerbeer’s Robert le diable, Chopin proclaimed him to be immortal. His opera Les Huguenots was the first opera to be performed more than 1000 times at the Paris ...

Secret meetings banned for public utilities regulator

Governor Brown signs reform bill to end commission's unethical strategies

Governor Jerry Brown today (September 29) signed legislation that bans secret meetings between utilities and regulators at the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) In October of last year, Brown vetoed a package of bills that ...

Paul Gaspar is not a medical doctor

Encinitas mayoral candidate accused of exaggerating qualifications

Some Encinitas residents are accusing mayoral candidate Paul Gaspar of misleading voters by using the "Dr." title without attaching the appropriate suffix in campaign brochures and on his website. Also on his website are pictures ...

Man on the run

4000 Miles at Ion Theatre

Leo bikes 4000 miles from Seattle to his grandmother’s Manhattan apartment. In Amy Herzog’s 95-minute piece, Leo doesn’t get along with his mother, whom we never see, but has more to share with a generation ...

Medical Life: Doctors

A family doctor I didn't ask for, doctor war stories, UCSD med school admissions, ER doc see abused baby, San Diego cardiologist up close, hard economies

Man vs MD Every patient, as well as every dog, has his day, and mine came. It occurred in the local hospital ward during my recovery from a rather serious illness. In this environment our ...

Fifty most dangerous intersections for pedestrians

8000 pedestrians injured, 270 killed within 15-year span

If you're crossing the street at an intersection on University Avenue, watch out! Because 11 of the city's most dangerous intersections for pedestrians are on University in the five or so miles between Fourth Avenue ...

Encinitas battle lines drawn

Rail Trail realities pump up interest in local elections

In Encinitas, in what is supposed to be a nonpartisan race for city council, the battle lines are now clearly drawn for November’s elections, with a slate of three candidates on both the conservative and ...

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