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Craft beer burgeoning in Carlsbad

North County natives readying for November brewery launch

The city of Carlsbad hasn't historically made it easy for breweries to open, requiring new businesses to goes through a series of committee meetings in order to obtain a conditional use permit. Case in point ...

San Diego's $2.27 billion pension hole

Another reason to block Chargers' punt for new stadium

There is still another reason to vote against the so-called convadium in November. This reason is the huge and growing pension deficit. Former city attorney Mike Aguirre says the city's pension plan has $8.859 billion ...

San Diego characters in education and book publishing

John Theobald of SDSU, Roger Revelle of UCSD, book agent Sandra Dykstra, translator John Woods of Mission Hills, ex-spy D.G. Wills

What Greater Curse Than Life Without Verse Theobald opened a correspondence with Ezra Pound that lasted for years. Throughout this time, the poet was an inmate at St. Elizabeth’s mental hospital in Washington, D.C., having ...

Muslim woman sues prison guards for discrimination

Husband an inmate at Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility

A Muslim woman is suing guards at San Diego's Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility and the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation for discriminating against her and her inmate husband over their religious beliefs. The ...

The Surreal McCoy

Chargers unveil plan for dedicated gallery space in proposed convadium

For several seasons now, the San Diego art world has held its breath in anticipation, waiting to see how Chargers coach Mike McCoy would seek to differentiate his approach from the performance art antics of ...