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A useless insight

Who cares about being insightful?

I want to discuss the term “insightful.” It's a word which is thrown around the halls of music with some frequency. “The performance was insightful,” “Beethoven's music is insightful,” etc. We've all heard comments along ...

Imperial Beach right-wing backlashed

Welcoming Cities Proclamation grist for biased media mill

The Imperial Beach city government's passage of a Welcoming Cities Proclamation in mid August was a positive and benevolent occasion, but it is has generated a backlash among local right-wing voices recently. "This means a ...

A list of San Diego beers brewed with fresh hops

...tis the season for wet-hopped beer

It's wet hop season in San Diego, when rare beers made from fresh, locally grown hops appear in tasting rooms and tap houses. The availability of locally farmed hops is still relatively new, but the ...

Run over in Balboa Park

Settlement of $1 million; victim's back broken in several places

A 52-year-old man who was sleeping in Balboa Park when a park ranger drove over him will receive a $1 million settlement from the city, it was decided Tuesday (September 13). Derrick Marable was sleeping ...

The essays of John Brizzolara

A reacquaintance with the Italian rapscallion

Stand by your Buddy That men lead lopsided personal lives is possibly not an original observation but something worth mentioning. During my last excursion into romantic folly, I would turn down opportunities to spend time ...

More beds for the homeless

"Our city has a vacancy rate of nearly zero," says Father Joe's president

Local homeless services provider Father Joe’s Villages is pushing to expand its capacity of permanent housing for homeless individuals to a total of 947 beds, the group announced on Monday (September 12). "A growing part ...