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Try eating healthy on $4.27 a day

Hunger Coalition suggests challenge

Advocates from San Diego Hunger Coalition gathered in Point Loma on Friday (September 2) to begin a monthlong campaign to call awareness to the difficulty many San Diegans face in feeding their families. "Hunger is ...

Dying to learn about Imperial Beach/border currents

Results in from last year's tests that colored ocean pink

The results from the pink dye dropped into the surf between Imperial Beach and the border last year are in, and they're set to color the way we think about how sewage spills and dumped ...

Back to scholasticism

Scholastic activities are resuming but what does that mean?

Now that it is September I feel as though some solemnity is required. The start of the school year will forever imbue this month with scholasticism. For as long as I have revelled in the ...

A fact of life: We’re going to die

New movies opening this week: The Light Between Oceans, Morgan, and more

That title reads better — or gets read better, anyway — with Orson Welles’s voice. So here’s a little snippet on mortality from F for Fake that I pretty much adore in this video. Go ...

Sluka releases his Introversions

San Diego's "gothic cavalier" finds his bright side, sort of

Christopher Sluka, a San Diego resident and a singer/songwriter/musician most commonly cast as a goth rocker, has released an album, Introversions, that seems to be an effort to expand his horizons beyond a half-melodic philosophy ...

Mystery lurks behind Chargers latest $1 million campaign cash

Newly created Delaware limited liability company fronts big money for downtown stadium push

While San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer continues to dally about whether he will support or oppose a new tax-subsidized stadium for the Chargers, the team is upping the ante for the politically ambitious Republican by ...

Where does that meat come from?

Butcher shops are back, baby

I’m already on record as being in favor of the reemergence of the dedicated butcher shop. Since Sepulveda Meats and Provisions opened in my neighborhood, I’m even more enthusiastic. At one point, standalone butcher shops ...

Demolition of historic Little Italy house likely

“Yes, sigh; anything ‘affordable’ you can waive almost anything.”

Architect/developer Jonathan Segal has applied to Civic San Diego to construct a 36-unit, 87-foot-tall, eight-story, all-studio apartment complex at a presumed historic site, at 320 W. Cedar Street in Little Italy. It would also include ...

Was Guns 'N Roses worth the wait?

After 23 years, a packed Qualcomm stadium screamed to think so

“Do you know where the fuck you are? You’re in the jungle, San Diego!” Axl Rose screamed as he and his Guns N’ Roses bandmates launched into “Welcome to the Jungle” at Qualcomm Stadium, the ...

Thoroughbred “Trophy Wife” has to be put away after mishap at racetrack

Del Marred: critics decry traditional competition as “inhumane and retrograde"

Trophy Wife, one of the entrants expected to make a strong showing at this year’s Del Mar races, has been forced to withdraw from competition following a season-ending — and possibly worse — injury to ...

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