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Fallen tree costs city

Injury by eucalyptus in Chicano Park leads to settlement

On Tuesday, October 4, city councilmembers are expected to settle a 2015 lawsuit filed by Randy Edelbrock who in September 2014 was struck by a fallen eucalyptus tree at Barrio Logan's Chicano Park. According to ...

School of Creative and Performing Arts jazz band to open for Wynton Marsalis

Lincoln Center outreach program chooses Paradise Hills school for Balboa Theatre show

“I think they were all kind of stunned,” explained Dr. John Reynolds, who is the music department chair at the School of Creative and Performing Arts, a small Title 1 program in Paradise Hills, after ...

All the hip foods in one place

And that place is Little Italy

If you were to chart the key terms used by San Diego food writers in 2016, top of the list would be ramen, poke, sushi burrito, and Little Italy. Enter Rakiraki. The ramen (and ramen ...

Chargers, mayor, U-T collude on con job

"This is a public relations move that is not enforceable."

The headline on the Union-Tribune this morning (October 3) was "Chargers beat Saints 78-00!!" Well, not really. The Chargers lost to the Saints yesterday, 35-34. But the managements of the U-T, Chargers, and the mayor's ...

Product of the marijuana gold rush

San Diegan charged with falsely claiming he could finance growing industry

The Securities and Exchange Commission charged on September 30 that San Diegan Ronald Salem and his alleged company, Colorado-based Infinex Ventures, made false and misleading public statements claiming that Infinex had operations and funding to ...