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Stroke victim sues sheriff's department

Woman barred deputy's entrance into her home

Rose Ebersole, a 70-year-old San Diego woman, says in a federal court lawsuit that a sheriff's deputy, demanding to get into her home, slammed her to the ground when she denied entrance, resulting in a ...

All kill the same

Seven Spots on the Sun at InnerMission Productions

Moises stopped practicing medicine at San Ysidro, a small, Central American village. Civil war lacerates the region — first the rebels, then forces backed by gringo “advisors.” Then back, then forth. All kill the same. ...

Ex-councilman dodges domestic violence charges

Tony Young's former position allegedly had no bearing on the case

Former city-council president Tony Young will not face criminal charges for his August 2016 domestic violence arrest, says a spokesperson for San Diego's city attorney. Young, who served as councilmember for San Diego's District 4 ...

San Diego’s only certified kikizakeshi

She’s to sake what a sommelier is to wine

Does San Diego need another ramen bar? I wouldn’t have thought so. But East Village’s latest, BeShock, won me over for several reasons, not all of them having to do with ramen. Somehow the wide-eyed ...

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