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What should we name Trump: the Sequel?

The latest in presidencies and movies

Well, President-elect Trump scored a sleeper hit with his stunning election-day performance at the ballot box. And what do studios do after scoring a hit? They greenlight a sequel! Let's get the obvious options out ...

Cop allegedly didn't seek sex from women only

City pays man who says Officer Hays forced a favor from him

A San Diego man who was allegedly sexually assaulted by former San Diego police officer Christopher Hays will receive $160,000 in exchange for settling his lawsuit against the city. On Tuesday, November 16, city councilmembers ...

The Church of Jurado in North Park

Seattle folk veteran delivers powerful acoustic set

A couple hundred people gathered, sitting on the floor of a North Park church to listen to a solo acoustic performance from Seattle's Damien Jurado. Though not without a cult following, the half-full Irenic spoke ...

Bersin's worshipful online welcome back

Navarro in, Clinton-era border czar out among San Diego's DC power players

Speculation regarding which San Diegans are in and which are out in the dawning age of Donald Trump's Washington is well underway, with strong opinions by Forbes contributor Tim Worstall about the accelerated status of ...

Kokopelli rises from the ashes as Tras/Horizonte

Back from the grave and into my belly

I’ve known Kokopelli tacos since they started on a street cart on Calle Ocampo in 2012, and the food truck craze wasn’t prominent in Tijuana yet. The grilled octopus taco in a charred tortilla named ...

Don't sleep on Turnstile, hardcore fan

Groove-core East Coast group returns with four-song sampler Move Thru Me

Groovy-hardcore group Turnstile has released a new EP, the infectious four-track banger Move Thru Me. The East Coast favorites opt for an if-it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it formula, cranking out danceable riffs and mosh-worthy grooves in a manner as ...

Trump on film

All brilliant performances. Believe me! Believe me!

President-elect Donald Trump — it feels dirty just writing it — could have been the next Clark Gable. Just ask him. Before the shortchanging, meow-meow-grabbing real estate tycoon transformed New York City into a garish ...

Homeopathic doctor said what?

Medical board levels charges against "Be Well Associates" physician

The Medical Board of California has filed an accusation against Dan Orville Harper, MD, who practices at Be Well Associates in Solana Beach. He is charged with negligence, gross negligence, and unprofessional conduct in his ...

Local housing affordability rate lags

San Diego, 26%; statewide, 31%

Home affordability in San Diego County continues to lag much of the state, according to new statistics released this week by the California Association of Realtors trade group. Roughly 26 percent of San Diegans could ...

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