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Barrio Logan arrests followed Trump speech

Residents a mile away troubled by police action in their neighborhood

Pedro Rios said he was having dinner with his wife Friday night (May 27) when they heard police helicopters overhead and saw helmeted police with full-face shields, batons and shields, plus body armor and armored ...

Can Lincoln Club destroy Chargers' ballot hopes?

Sheriff Gore and D.A. Dumanis provide cash boost to anti-stadium Republican big-wigs

Stockton born-and-bred Dean Spanos will likely spend well north of $10 million to get his $1.8 billion taxpayer-subsidized Chargers stadium and meeting complex on the ballot in November, ordinarily making him the prohibitive favorite to ...

Mainly Mozart Festival: Defender of the Universe

Mozart festival opens this weekend at Balboa Theatre

Tis the Mainly Mozart season. For two weeks the glory of the Mozart shall shine upon us as the Voltron of orchestras assembles. You don’t know Voltron: Defender of the Universe? There was Lion Force ...

Style, flair, prowess and principles

42nd Street at San Diego Musical Theatre

Based on the 1933 film by the same name, San Diego Music Theatre’s 42nd Street is a tap-dance extravaganza about the making of a Broadway show. The entirety of the theater — in this case ...

The Original Spinner

As I AM: The Life and Time$ of DJ AM

Once upon a time, a little girl walked into her parents’ bedroom to find Daddy in bed with a guy. Mommy promptly retaliated by having an affair that left her expecting another child. Mommy eventually ...

College Area residents thwart shiftily contrived project

Councilmembers okayed decade-old environmental impact report

The City of San Diego failed to conduct the proper environmental reports for a 91-unit student-housing facility on the campus of San Diego State University, ruled a Superior Court judge on Friday, May 27. The ...

Feasting like an Italian queen

Pizza by bike, courtesy of Courier Collective

It’s said the first pizza delivery was made in the late 19th Century to Italy’s Queen Margherita — and Neapolitan pizza joints still make the basil-and-tomato pie named for her. Everybody assumes it was delivered ...

Fractal edgy

Stupid F---ing Bird at Cygnet Theatre

In Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull (1896), the characters wonder how people will think about them in 100 years. Boy, if they only knew! They’ve been revised, relocated, remixed, and, in Aaron Posner’s comic tribute/diatribe, Stupid ...

Vote for me, or go f--- your mother

Rough talk and independent candidates punctuate Baja elections

“We are doing the first grassroots campaign in Tijuana,” Antonio Ley tells the Reader. “We are doing it Obama style.” Ley is the downtown canvass coordinator for one of the independent candidates running for Tijuana’s ...

Chula Vista deemed the worst staycation spot

Mosquitoes in Cleveland, heat in Bakersfield considered in study?

WalletHub, which compiles statistics on cities, metro areas, and states, is out with a study measuring the best and worst cities for staycations, or periods in which the family stays home, sleeping in their own ...

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