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Opioid-addicted doctor gets five years of probation

She initially took hydrocodone following an operation

The Medical Board of California has put Kathryn Papier Hirst, M.D., on five years of probation. Following surgery, she became addicted to hydrocodone, and at one point was taking 30 to 40 tablets a day. ...

The burrito from Berlin

Spitz, Mediterranean by way of Germany by way of L.A.

In Berlin there aren’t a lot of good places to eat burritos, so people eat döner instead. Also known as döner kebab, the Turkish import has been around for generations, and Germans have adopted the ...

Danger a given on Coronado's Avenue of Heroes

Ironic that the town's Third and Fourth streets memorialize fallen heroes

A private funeral on May 13 for Charles Keating, a Navy SEAL killed in combat in Iraq last week, was followed by a procession of vehicles along Coronado’s Avenue of Heroes. That route, SR-282, is ...