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Plenty brewing in Oceanside

Three barrels and no shortage of creativity

Miramar, Vista, North Park. Now, up in the northwest corner of the county, Oceanside has become San Diego's latest craft beer epicenter. Oceanside Ale Works kicked the whole thing off ten years ago this month, ...

Bolero is free at last

Ravel's music exploited no longer

Ravel’s Bolero is now free. The copyright has expired and organizations no longer need to pay royalties to a network of corrupt people who aren’t related to Ravel or his family. This is where copyright ...

Drug counselor indicted for smuggling drugs

Prisoners and their friends helped sneak the stash in Calipatria

A supervisory drug counselor at Calipatria State Prison in Imperial County, Angela Carr, was indicted today (May 10) for smuggling methamphetamine, heroin, and marijuana into the facility. Carr routinely met with inmates attending the prison's ...

Best of Blog World, 2005

Rachel Pink, Manhattan; Allen Boudreaux, New Orleans; Sam, Mississippi; Elisabeth La CoQuette, Paris; Landismom, New Jersey; Phil Corless, Idaho

Rachel Pink in Manhattan My blog, Rachelpink Rides the Bus, started as a lark over a long weekend. At first it was an exercise in self-restraint. I thought I was talking too much, talking all ...

You never forget your first

What was the first DVD you purchased?

Having resisted the costly conversion to higher-quality, dual-sided aluminum LaserDiscs, and with thousands of titles already committed to miles of polyethylene VHS ribbon taking up half the apartment, I was reluctant to make the switch ...

Manchester: "No affiliation with anybody in Panama"

But plenty of "Manchester" names in offshore data release

On Monday (May 9) the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists published a database of almost 214,000 offshore entities created in tax and secrecy havens by a Panama law firm, Mossack Fonseca. The data were leaked ...

La Mesa dog-and-cat-friendlier than ever

A look at city's 2016-2017 fee schedule

When the fiscal year starts on July 1, La Mesa residents will see a decrease in some animal-related fees, a permit will be required for commercial haunted houses, and nonprofit groups and service clubs will ...

The grotesque should be present

Constellations is where Groundhog Day meets 50 First Dates meets Sliding Doors meets Edge of Tomorrow meets What the Bleep do We Know

I overheard a few conversations after the show. Constellations at the Old Globe confused some people. It should be stated that some people are persistently confused. The show, by its own admission, is a personification ...

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