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Drink red ale, not green beer

Pat's Irish Red on St. Patrick's Day

Since before Prohibition, Americans have been celebrating Saint Patrick's day by drinking green beer. While green food coloring doesn't technically violate the Brewers Association definition of craft beer, most beer dyed green tends to be ...

You should keep driving

Chinese-takeout fail at Mr. Spicy’s

There’s a downside to trying to appeal to the masses, and Mr. Spicy is a good example. It’s quick, easy, cheap, and the customer service and space are pleasant enough, but the food has the ...

Parrots make it so you cannot hear the Faulconer at mayoral press conference on conure killings

Squawk beats talk

Transcription of statement from Mayor Faulconer regarding the recent spate of parrocides: “The City of San Diego has long prided itself on SQUAWK SQUAWK SQUAAAAAWWK, and a major component of that SQUAWK has been the ...

Scripps Institute says Illumina infringes on patent

The most prestigious nonprofit sues the most successful biotech

San Diego's Illumina is a biotech powerhouse. As researchers increasingly discover that genetic factors are the causes of diseases, Illumina stands out: it has an overwhelming share of the market for machines that can sequence ...

Inside East County

Developers eye sleepy Descanso, Volcan Mountain logged, Lakeside Rodeo's cowboys, San Vincente fish shocked, Boulder Creek water fight, Cameron Corners for sale

Developers Eye Sleepy Descanso It's only 35 or 40 minutes from downtown San Diego to the junction of Interstate 8 and State Route 79. And just a couple of minutes north of there lies the ...

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