Named for a book about bold life choices, Daring Greatly left a Canada oil fortune for “six mattresses on the floor” in Fallbrook.
  • Named for a book about bold life choices, Daring Greatly left a Canada oil fortune for “six mattresses on the floor” in Fallbrook.
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It was a book about making bold life choices that inspired Dail Croome to quit his job, sell his house, and hit the road with his two sons and two other musicians.

Croome: “I had a million-dollar house on the river. My business went from being worth $400,000 to a half-billion. I just asked myself why I was pursuing a dream that was so nonfulfilling.”


"My Ecstasy" Daring Greatly Daring Greatly

Because he wanted to pursue a career in music, Croome, 48, gave up his oil-and-gas business in Calgary and headed for Southern California.

“And I loved my boys enough to not let them make the same mistake.” Croome named his band after that risk-taking book, Daring Greatly.

“We had to be in a place that was ten times bigger. It was either New York or L.A.” Due to a Pasadena-based manager who made big promises, “We ended up in Long Beach. He promised us he’d keep us busy, get us radio, get us booked on festivals. He kept saying ‘Big things are coming.’ But after two months we told him he did absolutely nothing for us.” Croome says that mistake cost them $20,000 in upfront management fees. “He was just another shark from the same cesspool.” He said while they were living in Canada, a different guy got them to pony up $16,000 for a Nashville recording session. “It ended up being against everything we were about. It was fundamentally wrong...watered-down vocals.”

Daring Greatly’s roots-rock music and harmony-laden vocals draws comparisons to the Eagles and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

Daring Greatly landed in a Vista RV park in August and then met a fan who offered them a room at his four-acre home in Fallbrook. “It’s six mattresses on the floor.” (A friend from Calgary joined them on their trip.)

“We fell in love with the place. All this natural space...there’s an underworld of artists and magical energy out here that people don’t know about.”

Past Event

Daring Greatly

  • Thursday, March 10, 2016, 8 p.m.
  • Kraken, 2531 South Highway 101, Cardiff by the Sea

Croome says the good juju now outweighs the bad.

“Magic happens every day for us. We’re booked to play the [Fallbrook] Avocado Festival this year. We just played the Belly Up [February 16]...we were told it would take two or more years to play the Belly Up. It took us five months.

“All the bullshit that’s happened has only opened better doors.”

Daring Greatly appears March 3 at the Fallbrook Brewery and March 10 at the Kraken in Cardiff.

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