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How I live my life

Life on San Diego bungalow court, do we really want to buy a house, I'm fat, so what, those returning gifts at Horton Plaza after Christmas, the orphans of San Diego shopping malls

Houses and Homes He was on the verge of asking her to marry him, because she loved him more than anyone. He'd admitted that he was hooked on her loving, and then had extended the ...

Papa Haydn's got a brand new bag: Mozart and Schubert at Mainly Mozart

A guest review of The Mainly Mozart Festival

I’ve been touting the quality of the Mainly Mozart Festival for a few years now, and as I was unable to attend the Wednesday night concert I sent Stanwell Andersen in my place. I would ...

Actual corned beef hash

Mama Kat’s is busy for a reason

I’m a sucker for corned beef hash. I constantly order it, and I’m constantly disappointed. It’s offered on menus in breakfast diners all over the country, and I feel like I’ve tried them all. Sometimes ...

Unreleased master — Herbie Mann at the Whisky, 1969

Pop songs become springboards. Into the air, a double-flip, then deep down.

Coltrane was dead. And flautist Herbie Mann's band didn't boast the jaw-dropping hive mind of Miles Davis’s Second Great Quintet. What Mann had was a splendid band of creative misfits. Among others: incendiary guitarist Sonny ...

Takin' It to the Fair with Michael McDonald

Doobie Brother infuses jazz and his husky voice into classic rock favorites

“Nothing says rock ’n’ roll like whipping up the crowd with a bingo game,” quipped Michael McDonald, referring to the pre-show entertainment at his San Diego County Fair appearance. Actually, one might argue that the ...

Trump dismisses San Diego-based lawsuit, citing primacy of “showbiz” over “regular biz”

Are you not entertained?

FEDERAL COURTHOUSE, SAN DIEGO — “Politics is show business, people,” said Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump at this morning's press conference. “It has been ever since the Lincoln-Douglas debates, and probably before that. All this ...