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Farting clowns make big stink

Gassy group Musical Fruit demands apology and investigation following Petco Park's second National Anthem mixup in a month

“Here at the San Diego Padres,” says the team’s Executive Chairfellow Ron Fouler, "we’ve always believed in the healing power of humor. I mean, can you think of another Major League Baseball outfit that’s had ...

Protect livestock — save a mountain lion

Penning project in Julian aims to minimize wildlife conflict

On Saturday, June 11, mountain-lion conservationists will join the Santa Ysabel and Julian 4-H Club to build a lightweight and inexpensive pen designed to protect goats, sheep, pigs, and other domestic animals from mountain lions. ...

Coffee + flowers = sensory benefits

Flowers to the right, coffee to the left

Its large, painted outside wall says Coffee + Flowers, but inside the storefront on the southwest corner of Texas and University there are actually two distinct businesses: Communal Coffee and Native Poppy flower shop. "In ...

Best of Sporting Box, 2005

12-day TV college and pro bowl jag, grunion, Tour de France, wheelchair sports, sportsman of the year - Barry Bonds

Fresh Start I've stepped out of the darkened cave — or, more precisely, have exited the animal den known in another life as my living room, to stroll in fresh air and reconnect my chakra ...

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