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Councilman Alvarez charges colleagues with devious ploy

"I look forward to the day when the City takes open government seriously."

On July 11, San Diego city councilmembers firmly shut the door on the open-government ballot measure which, if passed, would have designated communications sent by city officials and non-union employees on their personal electronic devices ...

Del Mar seeks $3/hour parking

Coastal commission concerned cost would limit beach trips for many

The cost of parking where the surf meets the turf (at Del Mar) is going to go up later this year, but the question of how much is still up in the air. The city ...

Staycation chronicles

Civico 1845 is good for vegetarians and carnivores alike

My in-laws took my kids to Florida for a week, so my wife and I decided to do a “staycation” of sorts by eating out every night while they were gone. Some restaurants we had ...

Hard-rock score

Jesus Christ Superstar at Welk Resort Theatre

The Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice rock opera may be “loosely” based on the last days of Jesus, but the Welk Resort Theatre’s dazzling JC Superstar is tight as a tourniquet. All elements cohere. All the ...

Oceanside Film Festival announces 2016 schedule

Sixty films to screen August 7 to 14

It’s been five years since Dmitriy Demidov and the Oceanside Cultural Arts Foundation revived the Oceanside International Film Festival. In that time it’s grown from a few-day gathering to a weeklong celebration that lays claim ...

Movies, 40 years ago

1975 Oscars, Billy Jack, what is it about porn, San Diego art houses, the problem with sequels, Godard's disciple, Jean-Pierre Gorin, at UCSD

The New Hollywood The central problem seems to be, How can they avoid giving it to Bogdanovich? or to Coppola? or to Nicholson? or to Hoffman? (It should probably be kept in mind that this ...

Thunderheads and elderberry on the horizon

Cumulonimbus Clouds, or thunderheads, are most likely to form over San Diego County's deserts and mountains during the latter part of the summer season, beginning about mid-July. The clouds appear by midafternoon — often the ...

Sailboat runs over kayaker

Beach and cliff crews busy over 4th of July

July 7 — HP located a small dinghy operated by a minor that had broken down near the Carrier Basin in San Diego Bay. The vessel was towed back to its dock and the guardian ...

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