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The food chain

Fish farms, San Diego perfect for termites, feeding grease to cows, ostriches north of Escondido, duck hunt near Chocolate Mountains

And on This Farm They Had Some Fish It can get wet out there in the desert, especially when you're raising tons of fish. Like most people involved in aquaculture, Engler’s interest in the biological ...

Free stream of Meistersinger

Glyndebourne is offering a seven day window to view Wagner's magnum comedia

Starting on Tuesday, July 12, at 5:30 p.m. (Glyndebourne time) Wagner’s Die Meistersinger will be available to stream online at the Glyndebourne Opera site and at the Telegraph site. This is one of three productions ...

SDPD wife helped crack case of North Park attacker

"We do care, cops do care. I live in the neighborhood."

Though she was instrumental in cracking the 2014 case of the serial attacker in North Park and Normal Heights, Carrie Spillane didn't feel right about accepting the $10,000 reward. So she asked the city to ...

Louis CK as Max the Dog fails to unseat Patton Oswalt as Remy the Rat

Opening this week: The Secret Life of Pets, Zero Days, and more

I think it’s fair to say that the comedian Louis CK is squandered in The Secret Life of Pets, but the frustrating thing is, he’s not squandered right away. The opening holds such promise: a ...

Nearly $1 billion blown on General Atomics contract

Pentagon audit questions safety and reliability of costly Blue brothers’ high-tech carrier gear

General Atomics, a pillar of San Diego's lucrative military contractor economy and the source of millions of dollars in campaign contributions to federal, state, and local officeholders of both parties, has a nine-figure lemon on ...

Com Truise's sci-fi saga continues

With Silicon Tare, the electronic artist brings the space traveler to an intriguing place

Com Truise is the electronic project of Seth Haley, a former DJ who employs an arsenal of synth patches and drum machines to create a heady mix of ’80s-inspired sci-fi music. By pitch-bending and layering ...

If you are afraid, do it

My acting bucket list: Kevin Hafso-Koppman

I’m asking veteran actors to name five dream roles and say why. The answers not only reveal aspirations, they may put an idea in the minds of artistic directors and producers — even choices that ...

America’s absolutely worst restaurant and food

How do people eat this stuff?

Has to be, hands down — no offense to our hugely overworked waiter Rick, 45, some previous history but struggling to come back a bit (the waiter not the restaurant) — Corte Madera, Cheesecake Factory. ...

City Heights needs a mural, not a wrecking ball

Some paint won't hurt 1919 "Sally Wong" building while its fate is decided

"The most activity the Sally Wong building has seen in the last decade was when a car crashed through a wall last year,” said Brian Myers. “I've lived in City Heights since 2007 and I ...

Stage sick — Flight of the Conchords

Music-comedy duo use the sore throat for comedic effect

Musical-comedy duo Flight of the Conchords didn’t care that several fans in the front row had brought small children to their sold-out gig at San Diego State: nothing was going to stop them from boasting ...

City's bike-share program needs help, says report

Transit system says DecoBike hasn't sought out new locations

A May San Diego County County Grand Jury report accuses officials at the Metropolitan Transit System of refusing to get onboard with the city's bike-sharing program. DecoBike, launched in 2013, has been touted as a ...

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