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Richards also wrote: “…D-Day Capital is not exclusively controlled by me, but is exclusively managed by me. It however does not involve Mr. Schlesinger, that is the salient fact. My capital structure changes from time to time, deal to deal, depending on how this note is capitalized.”

Lamberson also said that Schlesinger also offered to buy the business, Fallbrook Golf Course, Inc., but decided instead to sell the business to Harold Vaubel, who offered him more money.

Richards did not refute that statement.

While Richards maintains Schlesinger is not involved with Fallbrook Golf Course going forward, Schlesinger and Richards have been linked in the media to many of Richards’s golf course purchases, including a Reader account.

Last year, the two jointly sued a law firm for libel involving the Rancho Mirage golf course.

Last year, the Desert Sun wrote, “[Homeowners] say there is concern about a track record Richards and another Beverly Hills developer, Michael Schlesinger, have in the purchase of Escondido Country Club through an LLC named Stuck in the Rough in which Schlesinger is the principal and Richards the attorney.”

A lawsuit filed against Schlesinger and Richards last year by the Rancho Mirage Homeowners association and homeowner Mary Willis referred to the two as partners in the suit and maintained: “The City of San Diego assessed a fine for Richards and Schlesinger and ordered them to remove the manure. Richards then approached the newspaper and stated the fine was merely a ‘donation.’ Richards also stated that the manure was ‘soil enhancer,’ but it differed from fertilizer in it had not been composted or processed into a sanitary quality. It was raw chicken feces.”

A May 13, 2016, article in the Escondido Grapevine refers to “Schlesinger and partner Richards.”

When asked by this reporter why he never corrected the previous accounts that mentioned they were partners, Richards wrote: “You will notice there is no quote or acknowledgement [of partnership] from me. I can’t speak to every report over the last five years."

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SaveFallbrookGolfCourse July 2, 2016 @ 11:01 a.m.

Yes, the entire community is buzzing about the news of Fallbrook Golf Course's new management and is already engaging with Mr. Vaubel to help make him successful. While we assume things will be a bit rocky at the beginning, we invite everyone to visit the property (2757 Gird Road) so you can be part of the process. We will also be setting up a nonprofit to support golf for young people and other tax exempt programs so anyone can help. Make sure you are on our mailing list at SaveFallbrookGolfCourse.com so you can receive updates as the transformation progresses! Thank you, Mr. Vaubel, Cary Lee and the crew, for taking on this amazing project and helping save Fallbrook Golf Course, the gem of Gird Valley!


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