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Piggyback followed up with backbite

Kingpin convicted of insider trading sues his accomplice

One of San Diego's most publicized insider-trading cases involved Jing Wang, who was president of Qualcomm's global business operations. He pleaded guilty in July of 2014 to raking in about $250,000 of insider-trading gains involving ...

Feeling the "other" Bern: Switzerland's capital

A trip through the city's UNESCO-worthy sites and heritage.

Bernie Sanders attracts big campaign crowds with his authenticity and populism - but this unique candidate has met his match in unorthodox Alexander Tschäppät, Switzerland’s outspoken rabble-rouser. Sanders is a Vermont Senator; Tschäppät has served ...

Complete with kangaroo court

Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Great Nome Gold Rush

When a card game in London turns deadly, Sherlock Holmes follows the one clue that will save his client from the gallows — a land deed — all the way to Alaska. But at the ...

San Diego Tourism Authority unveils $10 million national campaign on behalf of city

One last look?

For decades, says San Diego Tourism Authority director Wanda West, “Americans from every state and travelers from all over the world have chosen San Diego as a vacation destination. They come for the theme parks ...

Avocado-smooshed toast and sweet, beety beauty

Halcyon and Stella bring the unusual

I was passing 15th and J the other evening. The pinnacle apartment tower was all lit up, advertising rental apartments from $2K to $10K per month. But where do all those gentrified renters go to ...

Ramp-up to inquiry on Alison Canyon gas leak

Consumer Watchdog to be Sempra Energy's unwanted hound from hell

San Diego attorneys Mike Aguirre and Maria Severson have joined with Santa Monica–based Consumer Watchdog to demand that Southern California Gas, a subsidiary of San Diego's Sempra Energy, be completely open with the public on ...

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