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Jefferson movin' on up the scrutiny list

Law school among 540 on "heightened cash monitoring" list

San Diego's troubled Thomas Jefferson School of Law has been put on the United States Department of Education's "heightened cash monitoring" list. According to the publication Inside Higher Ed, the department is closely monitoring more ...

CPUC ousts administrative law judge

Darling would not let attorney Mike Aguirre make his case

In a very brief statement on January 5, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) took administrative law judge Melanie Darling off the ongoing hearings into how the decommissioning of the San Onofre nuclear plant should ...

Bread's got Baby Jesus

No "baby kisses" in roscas de reyes — sweetened dried fruit and other stuff

My parents woke me and my brothers up in the middle of the night when I was six years old in my hometown of Querétaro (1992). Three men dressed in robes, crowns, and white gloves ...

Illicit drugs work better with classical

Research confirms that classical music is the best music to listen to while tripping balls

For those of us who grew up in the “just say no” era, the research that is being done on psychedelics at John Hopkins is puzzling. I thought drugs were the enemy. Turns out that ...

Performance artist glue

23rd annual Star Award honorees for 2015

Every year the San Diego Performing Arts League honors volunteers from 30 local arts organizations for “the indispensable role they play in the arts community.” These are the behind-the-scenes self-starters, the pitch-inners, often the glue ...

How many visas overstayed? Bersin can't say

Trio of L.A. and San Diego politicos highlighted in H-1B data lack

One of San Diego's most notable big-money political alums is making headlines across the nation while hometown scribes remain mum about a major immigration clash between the White House and Congress. Late last month, Alan ...

Party's over, go to sleep

Former site of consecutive nightclub failures to become mattress store

The long-empty space that housed three former nightclubs in Hillcrest will open as a Sleep Train mattress store in April. This was confirmed December 31 by Jennifer Ritchie, with Sleep Train's PR firm, Revolution Public ...

Chargers balloon breaks loose at Holiday Bowl parade

Somewhere over the rain clouds?

PEERING INTO THE BLANK AND SUNLESS SKY, WONDERING WHAT IT COULD POSSIBLY MEAN, EMBARCADERO — On December 30, San Diego’s waterfront was once again host to the biggest balloon parade in the country (recently rechristened ...

Jinya offers a big dose of chic

PB’s new cool spot?

Worlds collide to the tune of “Fresh garlic, yo! This is key!” from a well-dressed 20-something, who only moments before elaborated on how one particular dish was “so bomb” that it’s what he gets every ...

Residents look forward to shoveling sunshine

Shortage of sandbags at height of storm

Bracing for another storm front moving in, my boyfriend and I thought we better get sandbags for the front of our place to keep the rain out. We live a block and a half from ...

Women Occupy San Diego point out cop conflict

Group wants city attorney's office out of police review-board meetings

A group of activists led by Women Occupy San Diego submitted a draft ballot proposal to the City of San Diego that they hope will lead to an overhaul of the Citizens Review Board on ...

Imperial Beach, polluted again

"The U.S. agency is fast to respond. The Mexican agencies are not."

The rain that started on January 4th closed the beaches in south San Diego due to water contamination. These beach closures continue long after rainstorms because of inaction at the sewage treatment plant in Mexico, ...

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