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Chargers redeclare wish for downtown stadium

Couple it with convention center, says team lawyer (again)

Chargers spokesman Mark Fabiani sent out an email this afternoon (February 23), stating that the Chargers are shooting for a combined stadium/convention center downtown. No surprise. As the team was trying to get to Los ...

New plan for Chula Vista's west side

New home buyers won't have to groan for ten years

On February 9 the Chula Vista City Council declared their intent to form the first Community Facility District on the western side of the city. The city proposes to use this district and the deferment ...

Will Union-Tribune finally lose its master from hell?

Latest Chicago shake-up could open way for L.A. billionaire’s U-T takeover

Life under the influence of the national newspaper chain from hell just got even more uncertain for the remaining scribes at the San Diego Union-Tribune, as well as the declining readership that continues to rely ...

A push for decriminalizing homelessness

"Not everyone who lives in a van is a disrespectful drug-addicted hoodlum."

For nearly a decade, Sam Moore (not his real name) has called Ocean Beach his home. For the past seven months, his abode has been a 1991 Chevy van. His lifestyle choice has not been ...

Tiny dogs and good sushi

A day on the patio at Shimbashi Izakaya

If you’re dining on a patio somewhere, one good way to tell you’re in Del Mar is when multiple impeccably groomed, toy-sized dogs discretely nibble bits of sushi from the manicured fingers of their doting ...

Reenter the Snapdragon

Samsung reengages with Qualcomm

Shares in Qualcomm, one of San Diego's largest employers, are on the rise following the announcement that mobile-phone giant Samsung will return to using the company's Snapdragon processors. The announcement last October that Samsung was ...