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Crime and drugs plague putative new Chargers home

Orange County city celebrating team’s defection to Los Angeles in tale of two Foleys

Chargers honcho Dean Spanos has pledged to soon reveal whether the team is moving to Los Angeles. Meanwhile, an Orange County city infamous for a 33 percent jump in crime last year is at work ...

Cops justified in shooting Marine 37 times

Robert Medina allegedly steered car toward officer

Ten years ago, Robert Medina, a Marine with post-traumatic stress disorder, led 18 officers and 13 police cars on a chase on I-15 through Oceanside, finally ending in Encinitas. The officers used spike strips and ...

Disbarred and in debt

J. Douglass Jennings must pay back fraudulently obtained funds

Former tax law attorney J. Douglass Jennings — now officially disbarred, according to State Bar records — cannot discharge a debt that he incurred in bankruptcy, the United States Court of Appeals, Ninth District, ruled ...

SD Neighborhoods: Downtown

Inside the Golden West, Symphony Towers, Luther Tower, public library, where to park, why it’s First Avenue and not First Street

On Top of the City Higgs is seventy-four, has been practicing law since 1934, and was president of the San Diego County Bar Association in 1940. His voice is raspy but his sentences are clear ...

More dog than biergarten

“Craft hot dog” chain lands in East Village

A new restaurant concept opened in East Village a couple months back called Dog Haus Biergarten. The Biergarten distinction is dubious — aside from a small amount of sidewalk seating, most of the place is ...

Union leader denies sexual harassment charges

Lawsuit claims Mickey Kasparian made demands for oral sex

In a suit filed last Monday (December 19), Mickey Kasparian, president of the United Food & Commercial Union Local 135, is charged with sexual harassment by a former employee who worked for him. Isabel Vasquez ...

Of poison pills and dying newspapers

As Ferro and Soon-Shiong snap up stock, tronc rolls back anti-takeover defense

With another rough year for the newspaper business come and gone, the answer to the question of who will control the fate of the controversial tronc publishing empire — including the L.A. Times and San ...


Piping-hot umami joy

A chorus of “konichiwas” greeted me as I walked into the Gyu-Kaku dining room for lunch. I’ve been a fan of the Japanese tabletop-BBQ chain since visiting one in Honolulu more than a decade back, ...

Jefferson Jay, every day for 365 days straight

San Diego troubadour talks sports-song parodies and the parody-worthy Chargers

When South Bay rap/rockers P.O.D. played to thousands at a 2008 Chargers rally/concert before a post-season game outside Qualcomm, lead singer Sonny Sandoval proudly belted out the lyrics to “San Diego Chargers Anthem” with homer ...

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