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Southbound toy smugglers wanted

“We are not sophisticated with tunnels and all that.”

A group of smugglers huddled in a prayer circle a couple weeks ago to ask God for help crossing into Mexico. “We prayed for [aduanas, Mexican customs officials] to turn a blind eye when we ...

Family ties

My older mother in New York, cut your mother some slack, sister rivalry, home as bedlam, Alex Theroux's wise father, his famous brothers, my mother's bad boyfriend, death of my baby brother

Seventy-five When I was a child, my mother took me to Central Park and spread a blanket for me to sit and play on, and if I strayed onto bare grass she would pick me ...

Top 10 food stories of 2016

From bad shrimp to good burgers

America’s absolutely worst restaurant and food My beautiful daughter had shrimp scampi on angel hair, which was no more angel hair than the spaghetti/meatball mountain that the poor underpaid Mexicans in the back had prepped ...

Brave new parking meters for Hillcrest, Mission Hills

"This change will punish residents."

Hillcrest may soon have new parking meters as well as new enforcement hours. Uptown Community Parking District chief operating officer Elizabeth Hannon said the changes may go into effect in the spring. Established in 1997, ...