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Fluxing Quantum's recipes

Biochemist Martin Beaulieu leaves big-pharma biotech for small-batch beers

Quantum Brewing is going thorough a phase of uncertainty. The owners have changed, the beers are changing, and even the name is liable to change. Martin Beaulieu became officially entangled with the two-year-old brewery last ...

No sales yet, but Rosarito-based company worth billions

Vladislav Steven Zubkis, out of prison and onto Neuromama marketing

The Securities and Exchange Commission on August 15 halted trading in a stock that has zoomed to a value of $35 billion even though it has never had any sales and hasn't filed a financial ...

End of the road, which began in California

Airline Highway at Ion Theatre

Miss Ruby, erstwhile burlesque diva and longtime resident of the Hummingbird Hotel, is dying. Instead of friends paying tribute to her coffin, Ruby wants her funeral now, while she can still appreciate them. In Lisa ...

Music of the 1980s

The Tubes, the Beat Farmers, Psychotic Waltz, and when rap and norteño entered the scene

My Son the Tube When the Tubes appeared on the Cher TV special in April of the next year, I was almost overcome by a fit of the whips and jingles as I waited for ...

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