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Pass the biotech bucks

Brokers and others allegedly involved in insider-trading ring

The U.S. Attorney released a criminal complaint, and the Securities and Exchange released a civil one yesterday (August 11) about a ring of insider traders who allegedly made fat profits on insider trading in the ...

Pt. Loma Opera performed The Elixir of Love

...and the puppies went on a romp through Donizetti’s comedic gem

The Elixir of Love by Donizetti is a bel canto opera, except when it’s not. Sometimes it’s not bel canto and it’s just opera. The most present understanding of bel canto is based on the ...

Ocean Beach lemonade stand tops $100 in profits

"You have to spend money to make money," says six-year-old Dylan.

About ten weeks ago, six-year-old Dylan Rodrigues told his parents that he really wanted a hundred-dollar bill. His parents, Holly Raines and Marco Rodrigues, told him — somewhat jokingly — that he better get to ...

Baked Sausage, undercooked Dragon, and stewed Streep

For a good movie this week, try Hell or High Water

With the Lickona bunch vacationing in New York, this week’s aggregation of new releases falls on my watch. Speaking of aggregation, according to the generally aggravating Rotten Tomatoes, Hell or High Water is Certified 100% ...

Police review-board rundown

Which cities will respond to county grand jury report?

The Citizens Review Board measure on the November 8 ballot changes the name of San Diego’s Citizens’ Review Board on Police Practices to the Community Review Board on Police Practices. The measure requiring review of ...

Un-Kemped: Padres send sluggish slugger to Braves

Big-budget bust pens paean to anxious Atlantans

“For a long time,” says Padres executionary chairman Rod Fouler, “the word around Major League Baseball was that the San Diego Padres couldn’t pay to get someone to take Matt Kemp off their hands. Giant ...

"[Breast] Size Matters" billboard down, controversy over

Temecula plastic surgeon saw humor where others saw objectification

A breast-size billboard controversy recently came to an end after two freeway signs that advertised a plastic surgery center in Murrieta were changed. The first sign, which read "Size Matters," was placed in January above ...

Puppy-mill protesters vs. Escondido Fire Department

City holds out on banning stores that sell pets of poor provenance

The Escondido Fire Department is being sued for restricting protesters' efforts against Escondido Pets (formerly known as California Pets), a commercial dog-breeder operating at the Westfield Shopping Mall in Escondido. According to an August 3 ...

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