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What the Lifeguard and Harbor Patrol dealt with at the end of July

A sample of calls

July 29 — 14 ft. inflatable black Avon washed up at Cable and Orchard. 24Sam responds. Vessel is impounded and brought to the BSU and USCG is notified for investigation. — U24 takes one into ...

State fines Plaza de Panama project consultant

Technicality, says Gordon David Kovtun of KCM Group

The State of California's labor commissioner has fined the lead consultant on the Plaza de Panama project $19,200 for hiring unlicensed contractors and failing to issue pay stubs to two employees. According to a complaint ...

Rock gives birth to beer

Local band/brewer collaborations trending big

Brewery culture in San Diego shares a number of similarities to its indie rock scene. Fans claim their favorite bands and breweries with graphic T-shirts and stickers. Beers are discussed and dissected like new records, ...

Saint-Saëns and Henry VIII

Henry is long, beautiful, yet ineffective

I was browsing the performance history of the San Diego Opera when I saw Henry VIII by Camille Saint-Saëns. This was not the only rarity in the company history but I’m a fan of Saint-Saëns ...

Private summit sealed GOP mayor's Balboa Park Jacobs deal

Well-heeled Qualcomm executives weigh in for Faulconer, letting campaign cash do the talking

On March 17, Republican San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer — in the midst of a record money-raising drive to fund his June reelection bid — slipped away from city hall to make an unheralded trip ...

This week's Perseid meteor shower could deliver 200 meteors per hour

Double the normal number of meteors expected this year

Comet Swift-Tuttle graced our skies last in 1992, though it was observed as far back as 69 B.C. by the Chinese. The Earth passes through the particles left behind by the comet every year in ...

Good enough for government work

Local retirees rake it in as though they're still employed

Data from the California Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) reveal that 1535 San Diego area government retirees collected at least $100,000 a year last year, according to Transparent California, a watchdog organization. That figure was up ...

Hermosa and Manhattan: L.A.'s last real beach towns?

What's left of traditional SoCal beach culture in the sprawl.

Off the radar for most visitors to Los Angeles County is the South Bay area — since for beaches, people generally seek out the well-known spots of Malibu, Santa Monica and Venice. However, just below ...

Burned: once by clinic, then by court

Cosmetic surgery goes very badly

Daniel Keehn went to court complaining that he suffered permanent injuries to his face, neck, and chest after undergoing treatment at La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic. The trial court threw out his case, saying, among ...

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