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San Diego lawyers in trouble

Allegedly chokes girlfriend, then presents "evidence of his good character"

The August issue of the Calbar Journal reveals that still more San Diego area lawyers are getting disciplined for inappropriate or felonious behavior. Nicholas Andrew Konoske of San Diego was put on one year of ...

Duck Duck Gooze breaks the internet

Lost Abbey whale sale turns into weeks-long saga

About this time last year, AleSmith's limited online release of Velvet Speedway barrel-aged stout sold out in seconds. This summer's most coveted whale seems to be Lost Abbey's Duck Duck Gooze, which sold out in ...

Ernest Bloch and the Sacred Service

An esoteric pick of the week from the Swiss-American composer

Ernest Bloch is best known for his composition Schelomo for cello and large orchestra but he wrote a ton of music for “large orchestra.” We take an esoteric look at his Avodath Hakodesh: Sacred Service ...

Last Call: Four noteworthy musicals must close

Go see Jesus, Fats, Sylvia, and/or Buddy soon

Musicals hath charms to soothe the most savage of beasts. Four must close this weekend. Jesus Christ Superstar One of the tightest, most balanced shows I’ve seen at the Welk in some time. Ray Limon’s ...

Judge Curiel sides with the Donald

Country's largest media companies denied access to two videotaped depositions

Gonzalo Curiel, the federal court judge presiding over the Trump University case in San Diego, has denied a motion from the country's largest media companies to obtain two videotaped depositions given by Donald Trump during ...

Max Rose, from the ashes

Jerry Lewis’s first non-animated performance in two decades

Who is our greatest (hardly) working director? Godard? Scorsese? Wenders? Arthur Hiller? Oh, yeah! Timpani! It’s Jerry Lewis! I’ve spent more of my adult life defending Jerry Lewis than any other pussycat mush genius on ...

PB hotel rooms more expensive than Del Mar's?

And more than Marina Del Rey and Santa Monica?

Of all the pricey spots along the coast to choose for a summer vacation, San Diego's Pacific Beach ranks as the costliest beach town in California for visitors, according to a new survey released by ...

Federal racial discrimination suits filed

From El Cajon to La Costa

Cases alleging racial discrimination are piling up in federal court. On July 27, Pedro Zuniga, his wife, and children charged El Cajon police and others with assault, false arrest, false imprisonment, negligence, and violation of ...

Encinitas' one-man beach-renaming lobby

“It's not supposed to be Beacon’s. It's Beacon.”

For years, Leucadian Doug Fiske has been pointing out that the City of Encinitas has the wrong spelling on one of its popular beaches — Beacon’s. Until now, his plea for historical accuracy has fallen ...

Bump Coffee is not your typical coffee shop

Coffee truck offers just hot coffee or cold brew — "no espresso or lattes or macchiatos or anything like that."

Like a lot of people, Trevor Mertens and Ryan Perry moved to San Diego for the beaches and beer. These guys happened to have a plan to start a coffee business when they arrived: Bump ...

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