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A biergarten for North Park

ChuckAlek makes a move into the city from Ramona

For the past three years or so, ChuckAlek Independent Brewers has been producing beer in small batches out in Ramona. During that time, occasional kegs would make it into central San Diego, but the nanobrewery ...

2016-2017 at San Diego Symphony

A preview of what's to come

The San Diego Symphony revealed its upcoming season via a concert event on Thursday, April 21. The orchestra played selections from the 2016-17 season and a few things were the same and a few things ...

Jimmy Hoffa’s bones?

Nope, just a bat ray.

April 24 — Breathing problems 32 y/o female at Fiesta Island. Lifeguard events and Medic 21 respond. Medic 21 transports to Scripps La Jolla. — Elderly man falls and a head injury results at Coast ...

Gannett wants a crack at the Union-Tribune

As Chargers hype mounts, will NFL-linked publisher from Chicago go quietly?

Will the sixth turnover finally turn out to be a charm? That's the question of the hour as yet another would-be master of the San Diego Union-Tribune surfaces in the form of Gannett Co., owner ...

Adultery, incest, through a lens of dark humor

Jesus Hates Me at Ion Theatre

A low-budget New Testament–themed miniature golf course, complete with a life-sized mannequin of Jesus hanging by a cross with duct tape. Sound a little crazy? That’s what the people of a small town in West ...

Stadium shuffle continues within NFL

Will the Raiders be able to move to Vegas without objection?

It looks like Mark Davis, son of Oakland Raiders founder Al Davis, will move the team to Las Vegas. One potential stumbling block, say some in the media, is John Mara, chief executive and co-owner ...

Tasting the beast

2011 Wildebeest at Pacific Time

Near as I can tell, Buty Vineyards produces Beast wine as the experimental section of their operation in Washington’s Columbia Valley. For this particular bottling, the winemakers blended Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, and Mourvèdre (if ...

Suspicious seagulls in Ocean Beach

More than peckish...and what's with the red poop?

Anyone recognize this innocent looking guy? He’s wanted in connection to a series of attempted break-ins (or should I say beak-ins?) around Ocean Beach. Gulls are well known as clever birds: they learn, remember, and ...

Alia Shawkat is all that

Green Room opens Friday, April 29

Her name is as difficult to remember as her face is hard to forget. With more than 60 television and movie roles to her credit, 27-year-old Alia Shawkat is currently one of cinema’s most in-demand ...

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