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Q&A with one of San Diego's top brewers, Tomme Arthur

Ten years of Belgian brews

In 2006, Pizza Port owners Vince and Gina Marsaglia partnered with longtime head brewer Tomme Arthur to found a new, two-label venture. Port Brewing and the Lost Abbey celebrated 10 years in business in May. ...

County’s smartphones at risk for break-ins, audit finds

Raft of unused devices run up steep monthly tab for taxpayers

"The noblest motive is the public good," is San Diego County's motto, but when it comes to keeping track of the county's smartphones, it might better be replaced by “watch your back," a newly released ...

Leonard Bernstein — composer, conductor, performer, educator

A new documentary on Bernstein comes out this week

I mentioned that Leonard Bernstein’s Chichester Psalm is being performed this weekend at San Diego Symphony. That just so happens to coincide with a new documentary about Lenny. Leonard Bernstein: Larger than Life is being ...

Real estate property values for utilities (including SDG&E) don't mirror reality

Translation: local government is getting ripped off in a way

Private utility giants across the state, including San Diego Gas & Electric, received notice on Tuesday (May 24) that the state Board of Equalization (BOE) was increasing assessments on utility-owned real estate just over 2 ...

Following campaign stop in Vista, Bernie Sanders hunts down and kills wild investment banker at the San Diego Safari Park

The most dangerous game

Sanders: “For too long, the investment banker has viewed himself as the apex predator: he hunts freely and consumes whatever he likes, but nothing can touch him. I’m here to serve notice that those days ...

Trailer for War Dogs could use a fleabath

Stoner comedy poised to give pot smokers a bad name

The unpleasantness began even before Neighbors 2 hit the screen. The trailer for War Dogs screamed, “From the Director of The Hangover Series!” My face grew cold, and I started bawling. When Jonah Hill’s traditionally ...

Hillcrest Wienerschnitzel kaput

New coffee spot for the old A-frame?

The Wienerschnitzel outlet at 101 W. Washington Street has vacated its yellow A-frame home. The tiny 385-square-foot building is boarded up, tagged with graffiti, and has no “for lease” or “for sale” signs on the ...

Urban Assault via VW

Busted bug driver talks about video that helped cops pop him

“Ultimately [the police] caught me by my name being on the side of the car, not blurring out my license plate, and I didn’t expect the video to go that viral.” Blake Wilkey, 27, was ...

Sunset gunfire with a side of stabbing in O.B.

Sh**heads shoot and shiv on the seashore

Tuesday night’s sunset in Ocean Beach was interrupted by a gunshot and stabbing after an altercation broke out at Santa Cruz Cove. “I could see it out my window,” wrote resident Jeremy Borum on Facebook. ...

Morning burglary interrupted in Cardiff

Three suspects jump backyard fence to get away, but...nope

Three burglary suspects were apprehended, caught almost red-handed, on May 25, in a Cardiff by the Sea neighborhood. Just after 9:00 a.m., “Allison” was driving east on Birmingham Drive when she noticed a sheriff’s deputy ...

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