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Myaskovsky and the return of esotericism

It's summer and the esoteric pick of the week is back

As much as I think I know about classical music I continue to be humbled by how much I don’t know. As we turn toward summer, the esoteric pick of the week is back on ...

It's his truck, it's his life, it's his life-truck

Why, Salvatore Macias, why?

At first glance I thought, OMG what the...? As I drew closer, the details of the truck, covered bumper-to-bumper with...things, came into focus. Decorative crystals; butterflies; owls; wind chimes; ceramic dogs, ducks, pigs; fishing buoys; ...

Lady Gaga, Born again?

Will the singer hold her own in ancestral remake?

She’s been praised for cutting-edge performances powered by an “assertion of total originality.” If that’s the case, why is Lady Gaga singing a familiar tune by entertaining a remake of the ancestral A Star Is ...

U-T owner omits San Diego from video

Is company known as tronc indifferent to America's eighth largest city?

During the glory days of the San Diego Union and Evening Tribune, publisher Jim Copley often boasted how his papers had turned out the vote for Richard Nixon, and the Republican president concurred, designating San ...

The Few. The Proud. All over San Diego.

Marine boot camp then and now, Chocolate Mountains ordinance, Camp Pendleton, Iraq War leftovers, Marines' Cobra Whiskey, Pendleton buffalos

The Boot For 30 minutes he puts me through the old tortures — Chinese Thinking Position, Elbows and Toes, The Chair — and ones of his own invention. Hanging from the top of a bunk-frame ...

Pot tax proposal heads to city council

A 15 percent levy on Pineapple Express?

The city council's Rules Committee on Monday (June 20) voted to move a proposal floated by councilmember Mark Kersey to impose a 10 percent tax on the sale of marijuana at approved dispensaries within city ...

A Dark Horse in Truckee

San Diego coffee roaster posts up in a space more resembling a ski lodge than a café

By my latest count, there are no fewer than 37 active coffee-roasting businesses in San Diego county, and one San Diego-affiliated coffee roaster outside of San Diego County. Dark Horse Coffee Roasters became the first ...

Point Loma block dominated by new four-story duplexes

"Are you building a hotel here? That's at least 40 feet high.”

On June 20, a land surveyor taking photos on the corner of Emerson and Evergreen streets in the Roseville neighborhood of Point Loma was interrupted by a middle-aged couple driving by who asked, "Are you ...

Unreasonable eviction in Linda Vista

Tenants say they're being forced out after complaining to media

About 50 tenants from several apartment complexes marched throughout Linda Vista on Monday evening (June 20), demanding better living conditions and a halt to what they're calling retaliatory evictions against tenants who've spoken up about ...

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